Saturday, September 15, 2012

Csaszar Polyhedron

This was a somewhat quiet week---several days of rain---which is unusual here in New Mexico for us brightened the week up---we are probably the only people who are happy when it is dark and rainy. 
Work was work with no surprises for a change...this was also good...I have some odd jobs around the homestead to complete while we STILL await the solar panel installers---construction is always at their pace, not your own. 
With the change to cooler temperatures a small drop in weekly MPG to be expected. 
I'm not writing about the election or Libya---both of which are the result of the cauldron of insanity we now exist within...there can be no sense made of anything any longer...and there should be no attempt to try. 

I've finished my Italian Breda gun truck--I still have to take photo's however, sorry, and am preparing to start my next project the CV3/L3/35 Italian tankette--a two man, very small tank, this style light tank at one point the Europeans believed to be the future of armored warfare---the Italians fought in them until 1943 !! all the while out-gunned and out designed by the world powers around them....
Myself, the Oz and a friend Bruce are talking of starting a armor modeler's club here in town to meet drink coffee and talk about our shared hobby. I am not good at these types of things, groups, but the hold on me that modeling has obtained is demonstrated by me really wanting to do this....strange behavior for a hermit like myself....I'd better watch out or else i might become  actually sociable. 

I am so proud of my, cheesy, $40.00 perimeter alarm works perfectly. No false alarms, no problems other than I imagine every few years I will have to replace the system due to weather attacking the sensors---but at that price i have no problem with that issue. It feels good to figure out how to adapt something cheap to fulfill a need and have it work.....

Today i am going to make my first attempt at rolling my own cigarettes with a both a fight against blackmail capitalism and as part of the ongoing attempt to determine a method by which we can afford to smoke when retired--- I have no predetermined concept of how to do this--or what the end result will be---but I am going to have at it--we've obtained tobacco (which we plan on growing ourselves later) a rolling machine, papers, filters, and cases to carry our homemaders with us....I'm really interested in seeing and trying the results...Jed Clampet here i come. 

The link below takes one to a CNN article on how terrorism numerically does not really exist--domestic extremists create more deaths than our supposed national Bogey man, the Muslim fundamentalist...Since 2001 19 Americans died by domestic extremist individuals or groups. 17 by supposed Jihadists, most of the Jihadist deaths were in the singular, US Army event at Fort Hood which killed 13...strange eh? So basically removing the US Army personnel deaths at the hands of one of their own...we are talking 4--4 citizens dead domestically since 2001 at the hands of individuals linked to overseas groups.
Think of the freedoms lost, the billions spent--against who or what? 

The FBI has been quietly working on developing a national, computer based facial recognition system. It is completed and was activated this week. Only 1 Billion dollars was spent on this system that combines facial recognition, voice printing, iris scans and DNA samples...Oh, by the way, it collects streaming data from public surveillance camera's constantly. 
Of course we have a billion dollars to spend on this--why should we insure our citizens have a decent life--tracking our citizens is much, much more important....

"In the absence of light, darkness prevails"
In Absentia Luci, Tenebrae Vincunt

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David Scott said...

Warren - could not agree with you more - less than 8 weeks till the end of the election and that is the only thing that excites me - why shouldn't you associate with others of a like mind and passion - the beat revenge is a life lived well - lived well can only be determined by you and no one else.