Saturday, September 08, 2012


47.4 MPG this week---terrible winds on the homecoming commute leg, but the season is changing which drops the Prius MPG lower this time of year. Work continues to be deep in the suck--nothing new there...the Democratic Convention show is over and the election is FINALLY down to the stretch and I could care----nothing will change it doesn't matter to me if the new President does wear magic underwear. 

We have some cases of West Nile virus in my area, but nothing like the deaths that are happening elsewhere across the country. How can we deny our  third world status with West Nile mosquito spread disease, Hanta virus in the national parks, resistant staph infections and flesh eating bacteria in our hospitals. I'm sure Sweden and Norway, those demon socialist countries, are much worse off than we are.....right?

We are in the process of increasing the amount of solar power we produce here at the urban homestead---We have new, more powerful panels ready to be mounted on the residence roof and just awaiting the installation crew to show. 
This is part of the retirement security project, producing more of the material that corporate America could use to blackmail us price wise, once retired. When completed the power production upgrade will allow us to power our necessities, if the grid disappears or if the 1% price gouges electrical power out of reach of retiree's. Don't laugh it for sure could happen.
This weekend we are planning on trying to produce our first batch of kitchen constructed cigarettes as we have several projects going on as the gardening season winds down into fall.

This is why thousands have died or been wounded in combat. So you can take your individual fat ass and your idiot kid to the 911 memorial in NYC and change your kids diaper on the dead's nameplates----God we suck as a country.

The US has FINALLY suspended training the Afghan Police...
The Afghan police candidates repeatedly, again and again and again, killed our guys while being trained. Nothing displays the stupidity of our involvement in wasting what's left of our national fortune in the misguided attempt to turn Afghanistan into Iowa, than the death of our guys at the hands of Afghans we are attempting to train to protect their own people.

These people hate us and do not WANT to change--- can't we get this? They have stolen all the, so called, infrastructure rebuilding funds, they throw acid in the face of women, they don't want us there and it is only the stupidity of our leadership that keeps us there. Kill them by drones if we need to...and get the fuck out of there..........

Building and modifying a captured gun truck--as my latest project. The early stages of WW2 in North Africa was between the Italians and the British. Both focus groups of my modeling---in the early days the war lines see-sawed back and forth--both groups made use of captured equipment. The Australians operating captured Italian tanks...and the Italians using captured British trucks. I am in the process of building a 15ct British truck captured by the Italians and pressed into use mounting a 20mm Italian Breda cannon. 
Photo's of the Italians using such vehicles exist, proving that jury rigging a big gun on a small truck is not a modern 3rd world invention.

Modifications I must preform include having to cut and remove the vehicle's top structures, part of the rear platform and figure out a method of mounting the 20mm in the vehicle's cargo area.

My candidate for President, Vermin Supreme, was hard at work protesting, in a civilized manner, the RNC convention...he even wrote the local police departments requesting they think about preventing officer "chafing" during the heat which could cause unwanted aggression....that's my candidate Vermin. The link is to a CNN article on Vermin that is not actually that bad.....

my candidate in the news, Vermin Supreme

None of us is as dumb as all of us.

A report on average humans being sent to jail for debt collection, due to a legal loophole in many states recently appeared in the New York Times. 
(link below)
Is there any doubt that the 1% would wear our skins, if allowed, this should erase it. There is a creeping class war raging within the United States. Slowly they move, much like a snake swallowing a mouse..our corporate rulers take more and is our own fault for believing their advertising nonsense--for supporting their greed and avarice---those of you who support banking with them, voting for them, buying from them, watching them on television admiring them...this is what can happen to you. 

I pre-ordered, The Bourne Legacy, from Amazon on DVD, refusing to allow the net critics to change my belief structure that "any Bourne movie is better than no Bourne movie". I am also looking forward to the DVD release of the new JUDGE DREDD film on DVD.  I think that Judge Dredd makes an excellent film concept--it just takes the right person to create the world he inhabits on film....

We are on the list to rent Iron Sky via Netflicks based the conflicted reviews of Iron Sky I thought first rent then buy if it turns out to be excellent......

These are several upcoming movie nights to which i am anticipating greatly.

"If we do not permit the earth to produce beauty and joy,
It will in the end not produce food, either."
Joesph Wood Krutch


David Scott said...

It is good that to know that there are others that ,think like you - no question it is class warfare and the their saying it isn't personal it just bussiness is pure BS - its all personal- keep up the post on your urban homestead I enjoy reading about it as well as the modeling.

lvschant said...

Good to see you have deftly captured all of the salient issues for the week from my grade school photo to the political, social and colonization issues. Keep up the good fight. The only path to sanity is, in my humble opinion, either humor or TFC (Total Chaos). Look forward to more posts.