Friday, August 31, 2012

Icosian Game

A quiet week with some work done about the is that time of year where the gardens begin to pass away---and all the work that had been done is now looking like shit---but it was an excellent summer for garden production and we cannot complain....either work has been quieter or my mental escapism project is working? Only time will tell the true story. 
49.9 for a MPG commute average this week--Many things occurred this week that i will not speak of---for there is no use in it---

Soon this ridiculous election will be over, empty men with empty promises fighting over who controls the corpse of a society in it's last days...I will give no more political advice...i was stupid enough to vote for hope last time---never a vote from me, ever again.

A most excellent recent discovery of 2500 year old Russian bodies, those of a noble woman and two warrior retainers...with wonderfully preserved tattoo's.
The above is a diagram of the markings of the males---this is both beautiful and amazing at the same time........

People in New Mexico take their dogs to work with them quite a bit--- on my daily commute i see many dudes with a dog either hanging out in the bed of their Pickup truck or sitting up front with them like a bud.
I get somewhat envious of this---it must be nice to go to work everyday with your best pal......
We have two dogs, both Boston Terriers and Buddy our oldest, somewhere between 13 thru 16 years old is now pretty much blind and deaf....He is however teaching me how to get old---this has become his job----he gets around good, enjoys his naps immensely, is quite proud of his farting capability, He is intently interested in any visitor we get sniffing them from top to bottom since he cannot really see much any longer, and he really enjoys his doggie treats with lots of eating noise and lip smacking...

Getting old and having afflications has not crippled him---that's what he is teaching me...some days are better than others and he has spells where he gets a bit confused---or he has a hard time jumping up and down from the communal bed...but that's just the way it goes and he doesn't let a bad day ruin everything for him, he doesn't focus on the bad that just happened----he stills holds up his end against the younger dog BB when they play with the pull toys....Last weekend i was outside painting and Old Bud came out the two doggie doors and laid down in the sun with a smile on his face. He is the best role model for aging that i could every want to have...and i am trying to take in everything he teaches me..........

Playing with Javelins can obviously put an eye out---the link below leads to a German news story about how a 74 year old javelin coach was 'accidentlly' killed by a javelin thrown by one of his students while the codger was downrange..apparently this guy was the local, jolly old, hang around, track and field judge dude, loved by all---was is the main point here, as in past tense---now why do you allow a 74 year old guy anywhere near a field where javelins are being thrown about? At my age already i cannot see shit--much less observe a javelin traveling at the speed of sound heading for me and evade it--there is no dodging shit like javelins after 50 years old is attained---there is just staying the fuck away from impact area when you are an old dude....old dudes can hang around synchronized swimming, or that thing the canadians do with sliding an iron aross the ice with brooms---that kind of shit old dudes can hang around---not Javelin or archery---we wander about us old dudes and yelling watch out or duck does nothing for us since we also can't hear....mental note to self on retirement---no volunteering as a javelin coach. 

I built a small vehicle trailer from scratch for an Italian vechicle set i am working on. Pretty proud of it I have to admit---the wheels that i salvaged from a bad 1/48th kit made the job possible---but the rest of the trailer is made from stolen coffee stirrers, and sheet plastic---a few odds and ends cobbled together from my still very small parts box for the added details....
i have to detail the trailer with cargo--tailgate handles and whatever comes to mind---but I am pleased with the job---I'll post additional photo's of the finished product painted and outfitted when completed.
Italian vehicles, armor and figures are offered by companies only on a limited basis here in the United States since there is apparently a very small market for them--Scratch building this little trailer is the begininng of a process of modifying kits, figures or building from scratch, Italian early-and prewar objects in 1/35th scale. After a fruitless search for an italian military 

truck kit---I just ordered a german end of the war, primitive cargo truck kit, they make a million german kits--where wooden cab and bed took the place of limited steel in truck production. My intention is modifying this kit during construction to match as closely as possible an Italian Royal Army truck of 1930's may be difficult, but at this point based on supply limitations it is the best i can do---and may be way more entertaining overall that simply building the perfect kit.
It is also wonderous to build these items in my mind during work---the trailer simply flowed together since i had built it in my mind 20 times the week before while at work....i am hoping for the same success with modfying the truck to follow.

Failing societies require a greater degree security. We have reached that point. Storing food, creating power, attaining water all massively important to secure oneself against the coming future...but one's person and preparation's must be secured as well. What good is it to develop a garden system for years just to have it raided when you need it for survival?
Incorporating the closed circuit monitoring capability of our homestead I just added perimeter motion detection alarms.

I now have all standard entrances to our 50x190 lot covered by independent motion detection alarms. I am also placing the internal receiver/alarm units, in varying locations of the residence so that where ever our internal activity is taking place, a notification of entry to the property can be seen and heard. Nobody said that the future would be easy---nor can one ever be totally secure...but you can try, at least to be smarter than the other guy. 

"There has to be a mathematical explanation
for how bad your tie is.
John Nash in the film "A Beautiful Mind".

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David Scott said...

Youre right about old dogs teaching us how to grow old gracefully. bottom line if they don't like us farting, staring, eating noisly and falling asleep while talking to us. Well that is there problem.- Stay cool my brother