Saturday, August 18, 2012

Logarithmic Spiral

Strangely several nights of very good rain, like the old days when New Mexico had a rainy season you could depend on---hard to deny climate change when all of Idaho is on fire ---how the hell does that work....?

50.4 MPG on the commute for an average this week---less than last week and there is no apparent reason as to why the average dropped---must be wind direction on the way home from work--that's all I can think of--but gas prices here jumped 10 cents a gallon in a single week---that bodes ill----and of course there is no reason any longer required to give the public---we just bend over now without even being commanded to do so.......

Well Romney got his Goring (who has two but they are small) in Ryan...and they deserve each other---and anyone who actually votes for them deserves what happens---although the best comment on this election I have read stated that the choice in this Presidential election is "between a Rabid conservative and a moderate conservative." Nicely put I thought.....
The Mutant Olympics are over and it's onto Cheerio’s boxes for two weeks until the fat blob of a public forgets everything.....

The garden is still producing like mad and we are even dining on our own small potatoes---and they are excellent I might add....JoJo is working like a dog organizing our coming increase in solar power production, of which there will be more on in future blogs as things progress......

Me I am seemingly drifting along---and I like it that way.

I never live in the town that I work in.

I accept commuting--at various times in my life, long distances to avoid residing in the town that I work in.
I care nothing about a short commute when compared to the disgusting possibility of catching a glimpse, even out of the corner of my eye of the place where I work even by accident even in passing of the physical presence of castle of horrors when I am off. I care nothing about commute times compared to the disgust of being reminded of work when I am on my own time over the two short days a week I own in the town you work in, well that can fuck itself.

Announcements were made this week  ( not very loudly or widely ) that there will be no prosecutions made against Goldman Sachs or for that matter any other company involved in our 2008 economic meltdown that regular people paid the bill for---

it was a suckers bet against that decision especially in an election year where donated money can get you off death row if there's enough of it---There will never be true honest justice directed against the 1% until we storm their fortresses and do what the French did a long time ago.........just funny how they slip this information out almost silently and the trailer park republicans in their wife beater t-shirts will still vote for the richest, Republican candidate who plans are to keep them and their children in ignorance and wage slavery forever....nice job with your vote there Bubba. 

I keep reading web pieces bemoaning the lack of gun control activity since the Batman movie massacre....demanding additional legal---well they really don't know what they want legally, but those voices are damn sure they want something done.

I have worked in the third world fairly extensively when I was younger, and I can absolutely state that although we are identical to 3rd world countries now in so many ways---the one for sure difference is that our citizens have the third world the army comes around and chops the feet off of every third person just to let you know they can do it because--- eh--- nobody has a gun other than least here they can try that but will probably be met at the door by an old lady with a 70 year old owlhead revolver and she'll be clicking the trigger--she may not actually hit anything but there will be a lot of bang noise and the army fascists will go elsewhere to try and find somebody without a gun to collect their feet requirement for the day....There are 314 million and some citizens now in this country and if 10% are psycho's, just for the sake of conversation, that's 3 million 140,000 insane people wandering around because Regan shut down all the asylums---- 

Shitheads are everywhere---and if it's not a gun they use it will be a knife or a car or an airplane or a chainsaw...because they are psycho fucks. Having a gun or not will make no difference---ask the guy in Florida who got his face chewed off--the rat brain that did that one didn't need a gun for that brunch---
Do you really want to be protected by financially cut back police departments, incompetent Feds, who cannot find Rin Tin Tin at a cat show, and/or minimum wage security guards---no fucking thanks---I’ll take my chances on my own pistol and my own spider sense-----so although in so many areas I am one of those screaming liberal, socialists who Mitt Romney warns you about---someone who believes in free eye glasses for all little kids---also happens to believe that their parents should be allowed to be armed when they take junior to get their free Regan Cheese allotment. The reason why nobody is doing anything for these weenies demanding gun control is that it's old news and doesn't work and the real boogey man that people are afraid of is our own government---a guy who wants to eat your face is easy to deal with compared to Feds with an attitude.

Currently finishing details on the Roll Royce armored car diorama, and working on the Mark E Vickers Armstrong project...finishing and detailing these two projects will take my available time off this weekend---I will also be working on figures for these projects...attempting the increased use of oil paints for figure uniforms and faces...and racing the learning curve on oil painting.
I am considering for my next project one centering on figures by constructing a British Vickers machine gun emplacement during the Phony war of 1939 in France and the construction of a British 6 pound anti-tank gun position. Both of these projects are figure/scene orientated with the machinery as more of a background rather than the focus of the situation. This will hopefully sharpen my overall techniques and especially my figure painting skills....
The other weird thing about modeling I am finding is the need to have stacks of kits available to build on can't just sit and think---"OK I want to build this" order it and wait for it and the supplemental supplies--paint colors and figures to come integral part of this hobby apparently is the requirement to order kits and stack them on your shelves with the idea of building them in the future...and of course the build order changes as each kit comes in....when I first started investigating military vehicle modeling I wondered why pictures of guy's workshops showed them filled with unopened kits....I completely understand why now---and am engaging in the identical process---the good part though is that I will have a supply of kits for after I retire when money gets tight......
Stability in modeling for me though is the time period I enjoy modeling---this does not change--I am still focused on that steampunk between the wars time period--although I recently branched out to Italian land ships but for now it will go in the kit stack while I continue work on my British fascination.

"In fair weather prepare for foul."
Thomas Fuller

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David Scott said...

Warren - spot on the political it is as it has been said we are "screwed, blued, and tattooed". - I too identify myself as a socialist. Have secretly since I voted first and have privately until about 7 years ago and now screw them if they don't like it.