Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Quest for Lie Group E8

MPG average of 49.9 for this week--headwinds on the way home from rainstorms we had almost every night this week---but to get rain i will not complain about the mileage drop---the water is worth it.....

Work actually went fairly well this week due to the new mental protocols i put in place. It was easy this week to, thought escape, from work jail---I only hope i can make this process continue...

The United Nations has requested that due to world wide crop failures this year the United States eliminate it's mandatory corn to fuel requirements domestically and utilized the corn that would have gone to produce syn fuel to be sold for food....

There has been no answer from us. None is allowed to speak about what may happen, food wise, in the next two years. Corn producers will certainly fight against and produce briefcases full of money to Congress to prevent the removal of their golden ethanol ticket...My belief system is that this year the dangerous effects of the grain harvests will be felt in the third world with our society facing only having to pay $12.00 bucks for a box of Cheerio's along with massive price increases in beef and other food products dependent on grains-----Next year, with an ongoing harvest catastrophe may be our time when the shelves go bare...our societies response to that problem is going to be interesting to say the least. I do wonder how our society will address rising food costs against unemployment and falling salaries?
Does food trickle down the way money was supposed to trickle down? I surely hope not.

BBQing---I have never been one of those guys whose idea of a great time is to pile a mass quantity of meat on a a phony representative of a campfire and pretend to be the manly Neolithic hunter cooking his kill. Sharing my burnt meat with a made up tribe who are pretending to respect my hunting power in my back yard---while sharing burnt game with everyone grunting and covered in Bar-be-que sauce.....the modern representation of roughing it.

JoJo and I never had anything close to a BBQ grill until a recent purchase of the cheapest propane grill we could find..which we desired only for emergency use in case of infrastructure failure. JoJo believes my small camping stoves would not be enough---to cook anything "real" so my darling JoJo goes to Home Depot to purchase a propane grill---and amongst the 500-1000 dollar super grilling monsters she finds a 99.00 grill--but on examination with the sales girl it appears damaged--no hood handle, short one foot on a leg making it wobble, and missing one of those side wings things you put stuff on...

Talking to the Home Depot manager she winds up getting the grill with two free containers full of propane for $35.00---when she gets them to load it into the Matrix wagon for her they find the hood handle, the leg foot, the side thing and a bunch of other stuff sitting inside it...but a deal is a deal and they said take it for that amount----so we got our emergency cooking source sitting on the back patio set up for $35.00----and since i am not Neolithic man and care nothing about grilling,  it will take an emergency for me to fire it up----but it is there just in case, plus a deal like that, a win against the corporate world, does not come along often........

One of the elements of my military modeling desire--is the time period I am interested in. 1919-1939.Researching the history and reasoning behind the development of this period's mechanical objects is incredibly interesting.... Mechanization of the military was new---in Italy, for example, pretty much no one had a car during this time period, the military had to teach inductee's involved with motorization not only how to drive but how to put gasoline in and repair small problems as well. There were no available large pools of drivers and mechanics trained by society at large. Can you imagine a farm boy--put into a huge, 20 ton moving monster--when it was possible he had never even seen a tractor previously? 

This time period and their military machines that fascinate me, are bolted together, welding was not an applied tool in this field yet. Money was tight worldwide---so research and development was paced slowly and to be truthful---Generals did not know what to do with the machines they did have....It was very Victorian, very Jules Verne...there were great advances--but these advances in technology were viewed through turn of the century eyes, that did not understand what to look for...all this created some mechanical monsters and some masterpieces.
I am fascinated by this time period and only wish to build model examples designed before science became involved in warfare and luckily Britain and Italy produced enough very,very strange vehicles that there are enough model kits representing this time period for me to work on for quite some time---modern machines are just killing machines---but the machines of my selected countries---were something different---something unique---child like when viewed from our position today---and this is fine by me.
I am beginning to work on vehicles and diorama's based on the Italian Army in Northern Africa through 1940---when Fascist Italy tried to conquer vast amounts of territory and create an empire, ranging from Libya to Ethiopia. I am now collecting rocks and sand for groundwork---probably appearing very strange as i walk along pushing sand samples into little brown envelopes.

Apparently Queen Elizabeth's Corgi's are not to be fucked with by other royal dogs. They kicked the shit out of one of the princess's royal nice doggies the other day--and the 'DOG BOY'---yes that is a position in the royal household, couldn't stop the Corgi's from dining on the other dog....Dog boy to the Queen---has a sort of nice ring to it---do you like, get an application for this spot, or take a test or what? How does one fill the position of Dog Boy in today's world?

THE RAID-Redemption- is one of the best action movies I have ever seen. Seriously---A swat team in training raids a high-rise building housing gang members..and things go wrong---this film has the best hand to hand combat I have ever seen on the screen, as well as an excellent plot, camera work, everything about this film is amazingly done.
Watch it in the original Indonesian with English subtitles, the dubbing in the English version is horrible...if you are a fan of action films this one has been rated 5 stars by everyone who has seen it---

"Gardens are not made by singing, 'Oh how beautiful,'
and sitting in the shade."
Rudyard Kipling

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David Scott said...

Great post Warren - corn is the least efficient of fuel products especially when considered that some weeds are far better product than corn - it has to do with corn subsidies for con-ag industry giants.

I particularly like the time period of 1910 to 1940.- this was a period of great innovations like you noted.