Thursday, August 02, 2012

Theorie Analytique des Probabilities

Too hot for even a loincloth in New Mexico this week. The Prius's thermometer read 111 degree's on the way home today. Even in this kind of heat I managed 51 miles per gallon for the average on this week's commute. The garden is producing thanks to the wonder of shade cloth---otherwise i believe it would be burnt to a crisp as are the majority of crops in the United States are right now----
The rest of this and next will see the price of food basics rise beyond levels that have not yet been seen. 
I am very disconnected this week from everything. It has been as if the world resides within a zoo, and I am a patron walking from exhibit to exhibit observing it's inhabitants.

and of course work sucked.

Investment bankers and jails should not mean investment---after the raping Goldman Sachs has given the American Public---all their upper management should be bent over in the shower in prison--- not investing in them. No matter what the line of crap they give out in the below linked's profit they are after....they own the government, the police and the prisons.
When are you going to start being afraid?

Gandhi said it best "I like your Christ, but not so much your Christians". 

You can't make up this kind of duplicity---An Indiana mega-church pastor, author of several books on marriage and it's holiness---gets caught by cell phone photo's of him making out with a definitely under the age limit little chick, in a car in the parking lot of the "what's happening now" mega-church. Of course he's married...For awhile yet anyway. Ignorance prevails. There will be people dropping money in that churches collection plate this Sunday....these are the people refusing basic human rights to gays--while they feel up little chicks in parking lots----

The Olympics---Something i care absolutely nothing about---an international group of genetic freaks perform amazing stunts. These people appearing at the Olympics have nothing more in common with us average humans than do the X-men--they are mutants--discovered, chosen and trained from childhood to use their mutant advantages to grace the covers of cereal boxes...Mutants.....I have never watched this shit nor do i care how many medals our Mutants win again the enemy Mutants.....

Strange how the true feelings of the 1% slip out unless they monitor every single word they say in front of us.....We the unwashed mob....The Romney's are worth by themselves. alone, the total wealth of the last 8 American President's--and believe me the Bush Family was no slouch at piling the money up.......I am so sure that Mitt and Ann feel our pain........

My return to plastic modeling has been excellent, mentally for me. Not only does this hobby provide an outlet for my watch maker syndrome but it provides a readily available mental escape hatch at work. It seems as if with the flick of a switch i can be physically sitting in a meeting at work---but be mentally planning the build and painting of one of my kits at home. I have been enjoying this instant escape capability.
At the top is a photograph of the, completed, but yet to be detailed, 1920 Rolls Royce Armoured Car. I am planning on adding an additional British military utility vehicle of the 1920's, park walls, manhole cover and one or two figures to this cobblestone street scene which i am basing on a British interwar army exercise at home in the late 1920's--British equipment from 1919 to 1940 seems to provide that steampunk, clockwork design element that i love to represent...nothing else seems to interest me at this particular point in time. I will be working on this diorama this weekend...(you can click on any of these blog photo's for an enlargement if you wish)

below is the

The Graf Zeppelin completed.. all 40 some odd inches of it...actually a very simple kit to construct which displays very well--here on the shelf i salvaged specifically for it in the nerd cave......the most difficult part was actually the painting and fitting of parts....with very little direction provided by the kit instructions. 

"Go to heaven for the climate, Hell for the company."
Mark Twain

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David Scott said...

Warren - you and I,are in total agreement about banks, bankers, and Romney.- if Mit pulLs this off and we stupidly elect this worse than Bush jr and turn the majority over to the TEA party in both houses of Congress it will be time to buy up ammo and head for the hills. We will be totally
f#€ked. -- at least with Obama no harm done that already been done. I fear our future is very dim.

Great looking armored car and zeppelin model. ---- stay cool ny brother