Friday, October 31, 2008

Obama's speeches move me.

There is such a difference between the man who has a vision of what he wishes the world around him to be like and truly wants to work to make it happen and his opponent, McCain, a man who simply wants the job...wants the power...the difference is stunningly obvious in their speeches, their philosophy and through their actions in this election. Obama is the type of leader i wished for when i was a young man---but the power brokers of both parties where simply too afraid---afraid to allow almost any man with a vision of a good and true democracy rise to the top...How can one not be moved by Obama when he states that "everyday I realize i am an imperfect man." compared to those who have and want to rule us---those constantly claiming perfection. McCain has been one of those ruling us for 26 years--- If you do not cast your ballot for Obama you must admit that you obviously prefer stupidity over intelligence---selfishness over sharing---an angry God over Hope....this is truly our chance to redefine our country----
I cannot force myself to believe, through the remainder of my life, that we as a people have become what the republicans claim we are-----small, selfish, fearful humans, incapable of dreaming of something better.....this election will demonstrate our embrace of fear or our embrace of hope...
I write this on the thought that perhaps one person, undecided, and unregistered may read it---please vote, there is only 2 days remaining to the decision of a lifetime and please vote Obama---allow me to be proud of us as a people back to my nerd world of tiny complex things......

I love the gadgetry of robotics--I have several small ones that I've either built from kits--or by building robotic projects out of lego's various robotic systems--i just ordered a new basic robot--store bought this time--a Roboquad.
I haven't decided yet if this robot is going to my office at work or will reside in the nerd cave at home. I really ordered the roboquad due to it's recently lowered price and the fact that it can be put on guard see the primary purpose of the quad is observing the surrounding environment through sensors and reacting to changes in that in rapid movement toward the change and additional evaluation. Owning these small personal robots are just cool to have around.

Excellently put:
The ten signs of intellectual honesty by Mike Gene---

1.-Do not overstate the power of your argument

2.-Show a willingness to publicly acknowledge that reasonable alternative viewpoints exist.

3.-Be willing to publicly acknowledge and question one’s own assumptions and biases.

4.-Be willing to publicly acknowledge where your argument is weak.

5.-Be willing to publicly acknowledge when you are wrong.

6.-Demonstrate consistency.

7.-Address the argument instead of attacking the person making the argument.

8.-When addressing an argument, do not misrepresent it.

9.-Show a commitment to critical thinking.

10.-Be willing to publicly acknowledge when a point or criticism is good.

Our shed is being painted, our square foot garden beds are going up, our guttering system directing rainwater to our water collection barrels is being installed---it is one of those days where projects seem to come together after a long period of disruption. It is quite possible that come spring our only goal is to live, to plant, to enjoy, rather than construct. Wondrous....

Friday, October 24, 2008

A hodge-Podge of items passing through my brainpan this week...The first is a U-Tube clip of Bill Mahr telling Americans to get off of France's ass.... it's a great bit---especially the part about European leaders wives versus Presidental wives---I've become addicted to Mahr lately--he seems to be the only real human in broadcasting making any sense...........i especially love his descriptions of Sarah Palin....
Again and again i am surprised at how science fiction books i read become science fact---but the speed that this process is increasing is truly amazing---here's an excellent example. A brilliant book--RIVER OF GODS--by Ian McDonald centers on India in 2040. Robotics play a central theme in the novel with a fact of life being that the United States enforces policy through combat air drones and multi-formed combat robots dropped by these drones anywhere in the world--you cannot get away once you are targeted by their operators-sound strange? well too late already in development it seems--designed to hunt humans...check this article
Missing cash in Iraq is such a tired subject---however like the energizer bunny it keeps going and going---this is small change 185,000---just dick cheney's daily lunch money---but i cannot help myself from being outraged---read it an weep again and again and again---where are those killer, tracking robots??
Oh and i am sure that you have heard about John McCain's brother calling 911 to complain about traffic and then stating "fuck you" to the operator...he and his brother need to be bothering and yelling at the neighborhood kids, not running the country-----and then my absolute favorite of all time---Sarah Palin (in one of her $150,000 dollar shopping spree outfits) stating that abortion clinic bombers are not terrorists---basically because in her shit for brains, religious wacko concept world--she really agrees with them but just can't say so right now---what an idiot when discussing her has become a cliche'---you really need to check these out---
Thelast item causing my brain to react this week was the official report of a 1957 US fighter pilot chasing UFO's over nighttime London, England who was ordered to lock on and shoot down the object. The story came to light only under newly released government files---nothing to see here--nothing at all in these old files--move along-move along

(with apologies to the movie High Fidelity)
BALLS OF FURY--a legendary member of the unappreciated top five movies of all time---Focusing on the unseen,sleazy underbelly of the sport of ping-pong....yeah right....the movie is stolen by two actors "Master Wong" the bumbling obi-wan of ping-pong---(played by 79 year old James Hong who you immediately know from the thousands of other movies he's been in)---and Christopher Walken, as FENG in his over the top evil Mandarin outfits---unbelievable---can be watched 20 times and laugh every time--- "what am i missing???"

I'm alittle short for this week's blog, my apologies--there has been so much going on that i have not had much of a chance to think and ponder the world around me--no chance this week to ride the human transporter--but alittle time to do art--police up the house, and do small things---which probably means the most when it boils right down to it...hopefully this coming week will bring a more peaceful, personal time...and a chance to catch up on my thoughts--they often outrace me--I'm in the process of reading six books--too busy reading to write about them yet---and that is a perfect example of the past several weeks........BE SURE TO VOTE EARLY--there WILL be BIG crowds on election day--do not get frozen out------and do us all a favor--- open you mind and vote for OBAMA---

Monday, October 13, 2008

We as a culture and as individuals are in a meltdown pattern---the last legacy of George W. Bush---in a long,long list of failures his biggest failure---has been the destruction of the morale of the American people---and until the end of the election i think this condition will stay the same---people are well----well, just strange right now---it seems as if people are acting like dogs feeling the approach of a thunderstorm---they are anxious and know something is out there?? But they don't know what it is or which way to run---so the public is clawing at their pen or digging at the fence line in fear....trying to run to someplace, anywhere safe--unfortunately the Bush administration by taking away everything has now left us with nothing---am i the only one noticing this strange behavior in people---am i making something out of nothing?

The new model Prius is out in automobile spy photo's....pundits are claiming improved gas mileage due to a new gasoline engine which is larger than the model i have but that produces better fuel economy when in the gas mode and an improved electric power system for operation in town---NO PLUG IN however...Fall and Spring are always the best months for me mileage wise on my commute to work---once winter arrives and the headwind comes from the north i watch my mileage drop from 56 mpg daily to 46 mpg daily....balancing out to a yearly 51 mpg----for which i truly cannot bitch....and NO i am not rushing out to buy a new prius I'm happy with what i have and it is free and clear..Occasionally i do think about trying to locate and purchase a used honda insight--one of the original models from a few years ago and restore it...and use it for commuting---it was a two seater--which makes more sense as a smaller footprint vehicle--and actually beats the prius on overall mileage in some aspects--although---restoring a high-tech vehicle like this could be very difficult...right now it is just a thought experiment for me---but interesting to say the least...
The last debate summed it all up rather well---I was very proud of Obama--he stood up for Roe vs. Wade and did not run from it....McCain sounded exactly the same as all the republican one liner muck rakers we've had to deal with over the years and the difference between him and Obama was astounding and obvious according to all the polls the public rejected McCain's business as usual behavior patterns...the Washington Post in casting their endorsement for Obama wrote an excellent article summarizing the reasons why he is the Neo we need and describing Obama's message and his attitude....
Joining the Obama endorsement line-up is the Chicago Tribune a newspaper which has not endorsed a democratic candidate in 161 years---yes you read that right-----in 161 years of publishing Obama is the first democrat endorsed by the Chicago Tribune newspaper----
I was also pleased that the mob attitude of Palin's rallies came up in the debate---(which I described in my last blog) Then of course there's the latest prayer used at a McCain event which basically went like "our God is better than anyone else's and prove it by having McCain become President"---my brain says these people can't be for real but if you doubt it read this.....
I felt that Obama was a gentleman but strong in responding to McCain's lies on the Redneck event i did my early voting and there was about 20 people there doing the same vote's in....what about yours?

My Soprano soundtrack is in and although i love the title track--woke up this morning---the cd itself plays as if it was badly mixed on my little home stereo------so it goes to the car--with the title track for usage driving into work..which is what i was truly thinking about when i purchased this item---I can't recommend this CD to you due to the well strange collection of other material on it and the overall bad quality of the mix-----

ART-i need to do more on a daily basis rather than as a special occasion project....GARDENING---i need to plan out for next year--what i want to do and how i intend to do it....PRIUS---i have had a mileage increasing, geek-birth control wheel cover project on hold for quite some time and i need to make that happen...WEATHER STATION---my old weather station was destroyed in the house remodel and i need to obtain a new one to begin monitoring the weather patterns at my house again...JOURNAL---the world has been so busy it has become difficult to set aside my previously normal recording of my life in my moleskins, i cannot let this fall by the wayside.....I'm not a putz just simply trying to get myself back on track when it comes to the small things in life that can get pushed aside so easily..

Sunday, October 05, 2008

What a 14 day period of bizzaro world....the meltdown of our economic system, the tension surrounding the Presidential election, and the sub-surface knowledge that our world is going to have to change has made everyone touchy and easily upset...
i observe the tension at work...of course that is where i am the overwhelming time period in this universe....but conservatives are suffering/reacting the most..true idiots who have zero knowledge and interest in anything are doing OK----Liberals are doing OK since we have hope thanks to Obama---
conservatives on the other hand when not busily passing blame for the economic crisis off on Clinton....believe that or not....see their carefully constructed world of bullshit collapsing----everything from George W. to Iraq to trickle down economics have proven the inherent falsehood of their belief structure and many are angry without acknowledging the true reasoning----the world is difficult when you are unable or do not wish to think or see the truth. Strange times are in route....
The best description i have read on the Republican party came off the net this past week--
"the Republican party represents the richest 1% of the American population and the 30% of the population with the lowest IQ levels." This quote is backed-up by the Palin videos on the web displaying her bizarreness in those snake dancing churches, her Aryan brotherhood buddies in the Alaska Independent Party, her non-abstinence daughter and resultant baby or trooper gate....Bill Mahr said it best the other night when he discussed how overwhelmingly stupid and almost lynch mob like Palin's target audience has become at her public appearances.

Here's a photo of a bag I'm using while riding the human transporter to carry the displayed essential items with me. I picked up this $10.00 rainproof northface bag on ebay acouple of years ago, thinking I'd find a use for it eventually and i have...i can email off the smartphone and the igo keyboard---if i stop for a cup of coffee...the bag hangs well when i'm gliding and between the shoulder bag and the commuter bag attached to the segway leansteer bar I've got room to tote purchases home....I'm getting better at this segway thing----i think...
ALONE IN IZ WORLD by Isreal Kamakawiwo'ole--- so beautiful is his voice that you can cry if you sit and listen too closely----either you know and appreciate this artist or there is no hope for you.
i also just ordered the soundtrack for the Soprano's...Primarily so that i could play the opening song "Woke up this morning" on the way into work--or when i HT around...
I purchased it new/used on amazon....

I am amazed at how my wife and i downsized and economically balanced ourselves before these recent economic difficulties.
I'd like to be able to say that we were ahead of the societal curve due to our intelligence or planning....but i can't.
Over a year ago we began downsizing our lifestyle and economically right sizing our lives together. we actually woke up one morning and decided to sell our big house, our big cars, buy a smaller house in the city, buy a prius and a segway and clear our debts and obligations and begin to garden. Now how does this happen?---a year before the American economic system starts to eat it's young we decide to make a major change to ourselves and the way we live.... We were in fact so far ahead of what was coming that people thought we were crazy to do what we were doing---I got huge amount of those why type questions you know, the ones that infer that you're crazy?....ALL IN ALL WE JUST SUDDENLY RECOGNIZED THAT EVERYTHING WE HAD BEEN DOING---WHAT WE HAD BEEN CONVINCED INTO DOING, CONVINCED INTO A STYLE OF WRONG LIVING ------WAS SIMPLY NOT RIGHT! was one of those Eureka moments---with one exception we actually listened to ourselves that little inside voice and acted on this thought process. Believe me it was a great deal of work and mental stress to accomplish but now----i am so so glad that we listened to that little voice---that said no more...we sold and moved-----since moving into our little 1200sq.foot bungalow-----
We've planted trees and flowers---rebuilt the kitchen, set up rain collection barrels, painted everything inside, adapted to downsizing (as in getting use to having only two closets), i had to build a new nerd cave, rebuild the garage on the alley,---and now that we have a breather stage 1 is completed---it turns out that we are so looking forward to stage 2---the upcoming years in our little bungalow...with no debt hanging over us..and no worries as to what the government does...they can bite me....I'm independent.