Friday, October 24, 2008

A hodge-Podge of items passing through my brainpan this week...The first is a U-Tube clip of Bill Mahr telling Americans to get off of France's ass.... it's a great bit---especially the part about European leaders wives versus Presidental wives---I've become addicted to Mahr lately--he seems to be the only real human in broadcasting making any sense...........i especially love his descriptions of Sarah Palin....
Again and again i am surprised at how science fiction books i read become science fact---but the speed that this process is increasing is truly amazing---here's an excellent example. A brilliant book--RIVER OF GODS--by Ian McDonald centers on India in 2040. Robotics play a central theme in the novel with a fact of life being that the United States enforces policy through combat air drones and multi-formed combat robots dropped by these drones anywhere in the world--you cannot get away once you are targeted by their operators-sound strange? well too late already in development it seems--designed to hunt humans...check this article
Missing cash in Iraq is such a tired subject---however like the energizer bunny it keeps going and going---this is small change 185,000---just dick cheney's daily lunch money---but i cannot help myself from being outraged---read it an weep again and again and again---where are those killer, tracking robots??
Oh and i am sure that you have heard about John McCain's brother calling 911 to complain about traffic and then stating "fuck you" to the operator...he and his brother need to be bothering and yelling at the neighborhood kids, not running the country-----and then my absolute favorite of all time---Sarah Palin (in one of her $150,000 dollar shopping spree outfits) stating that abortion clinic bombers are not terrorists---basically because in her shit for brains, religious wacko concept world--she really agrees with them but just can't say so right now---what an idiot when discussing her has become a cliche'---you really need to check these out---
Thelast item causing my brain to react this week was the official report of a 1957 US fighter pilot chasing UFO's over nighttime London, England who was ordered to lock on and shoot down the object. The story came to light only under newly released government files---nothing to see here--nothing at all in these old files--move along-move along

(with apologies to the movie High Fidelity)
BALLS OF FURY--a legendary member of the unappreciated top five movies of all time---Focusing on the unseen,sleazy underbelly of the sport of ping-pong....yeah right....the movie is stolen by two actors "Master Wong" the bumbling obi-wan of ping-pong---(played by 79 year old James Hong who you immediately know from the thousands of other movies he's been in)---and Christopher Walken, as FENG in his over the top evil Mandarin outfits---unbelievable---can be watched 20 times and laugh every time--- "what am i missing???"

I'm alittle short for this week's blog, my apologies--there has been so much going on that i have not had much of a chance to think and ponder the world around me--no chance this week to ride the human transporter--but alittle time to do art--police up the house, and do small things---which probably means the most when it boils right down to it...hopefully this coming week will bring a more peaceful, personal time...and a chance to catch up on my thoughts--they often outrace me--I'm in the process of reading six books--too busy reading to write about them yet---and that is a perfect example of the past several weeks........BE SURE TO VOTE EARLY--there WILL be BIG crowds on election day--do not get frozen out------and do us all a favor--- open you mind and vote for OBAMA---

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