Friday, October 31, 2008

Obama's speeches move me.

There is such a difference between the man who has a vision of what he wishes the world around him to be like and truly wants to work to make it happen and his opponent, McCain, a man who simply wants the job...wants the power...the difference is stunningly obvious in their speeches, their philosophy and through their actions in this election. Obama is the type of leader i wished for when i was a young man---but the power brokers of both parties where simply too afraid---afraid to allow almost any man with a vision of a good and true democracy rise to the top...How can one not be moved by Obama when he states that "everyday I realize i am an imperfect man." compared to those who have and want to rule us---those constantly claiming perfection. McCain has been one of those ruling us for 26 years--- If you do not cast your ballot for Obama you must admit that you obviously prefer stupidity over intelligence---selfishness over sharing---an angry God over Hope....this is truly our chance to redefine our country----
I cannot force myself to believe, through the remainder of my life, that we as a people have become what the republicans claim we are-----small, selfish, fearful humans, incapable of dreaming of something better.....this election will demonstrate our embrace of fear or our embrace of hope...
I write this on the thought that perhaps one person, undecided, and unregistered may read it---please vote, there is only 2 days remaining to the decision of a lifetime and please vote Obama---allow me to be proud of us as a people back to my nerd world of tiny complex things......

I love the gadgetry of robotics--I have several small ones that I've either built from kits--or by building robotic projects out of lego's various robotic systems--i just ordered a new basic robot--store bought this time--a Roboquad.
I haven't decided yet if this robot is going to my office at work or will reside in the nerd cave at home. I really ordered the roboquad due to it's recently lowered price and the fact that it can be put on guard see the primary purpose of the quad is observing the surrounding environment through sensors and reacting to changes in that in rapid movement toward the change and additional evaluation. Owning these small personal robots are just cool to have around.

Excellently put:
The ten signs of intellectual honesty by Mike Gene---

1.-Do not overstate the power of your argument

2.-Show a willingness to publicly acknowledge that reasonable alternative viewpoints exist.

3.-Be willing to publicly acknowledge and question one’s own assumptions and biases.

4.-Be willing to publicly acknowledge where your argument is weak.

5.-Be willing to publicly acknowledge when you are wrong.

6.-Demonstrate consistency.

7.-Address the argument instead of attacking the person making the argument.

8.-When addressing an argument, do not misrepresent it.

9.-Show a commitment to critical thinking.

10.-Be willing to publicly acknowledge when a point or criticism is good.

Our shed is being painted, our square foot garden beds are going up, our guttering system directing rainwater to our water collection barrels is being installed---it is one of those days where projects seem to come together after a long period of disruption. It is quite possible that come spring our only goal is to live, to plant, to enjoy, rather than construct. Wondrous....

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