Friday, March 26, 2010

Against my better judgement this week I joined a survivalist forum. Some of the information presented is excellent and has assisted very much with our urban homesteading project....but Jesus Christ what a crew of tin foil hat wearing,Fox news believing, tea bagging, religious fanatic, politically right of Attila the is just such a shame that this if the public face of preparedness in the United States. There are people like me there--we cannot be very vocal, but on the odd occasion they and I stand up for reasonableness and are called socialists, democrats, and oddly communists (which don't actually exist outside of Cuba any longer)
I had been prowling this forum for awhile for ideas, and decided that it was not right to not be a member while shifting hard worked information from them. It is interesting there to say the least and I'll stay for awhile.

My personal favorite this week---How TSA will screen your helper monkey when you fly with bullshit----absolutely true

Gas going up again?
Global hunger is coming
Buy your own "survivalist" bunker
U.S. Preppers in the world news

The Electrician installers were out to the homestead this week and examined the wind generator, solar panels and grid tie inverter I purchased and said we were good to go. I'm hoping that this coming week we will get progress on installation. It is funny how this upcoming expansion of our home power generating system has struck me...I feel the wind now and think of how I could be generating free power--when the sun is hot I think the same thoughts--big power day. Being able to produce our own power is freeing and certainly changes one's thoughts on the weather.

I've been devouring books again. I've focused this time on insurgencies, bush wars and make do type military powers. In a way re-upping my knowledge base in small group or individual operations

"The Brush War in Rhodesia" by Dennis Croukamp....A very interesting account based on Mr. Croukamp's 19 years in the Rhodesian army from the beginnings of the insurgency against Rhodesia to the end. This book provides a great deal of first hand accounts of the Bush war---Unfortunately many grievances are laid bare and many unrewarded, misunderstood I was a rebel stories---but still a great book and a great read.

"19 with a Bullet" Granger Korff......the biography of a young South African Paratroop and the war in Angola. A good first person account but again a great deal of misunderstood rebel stories that I could have done without--but still an interesting first person account.

"A Savage war of Peace" by Alistair Horne---the history of the Algerian war of Independence against the French. An excellent 'old school style' history...

Each month I attempt to, within reason, add to our preparedness supply and equipment stocks. Some months I do better than others.
I obtained April's homesteading materials this last week of March---16 MRE's------2---pocket trauma aid kits(the big home kit will wait until may)-------200 rnds. 7.62x51 Nato----1-FN/FAL scope----6 British surplus desert camo shirts for $19.00. Everything on sale or free so i simply could not resist. Organized flexibility is the key in this type of purchasing

Sweat saves blood.
Erwin Rommel

Saturday, March 20, 2010

My additional power generation equipment arrived this week--with the exception of my additional battery pack which, I am sure, due to it's weight is coming by sampan.
Following great difficulty I finally made contact with my local power company's small producer representative with the result being I now have all the proper, required forms to file allowing the sale excess power back to the grid. I have to pay a fee of course to do this...Soon my new wind/solar equipment will be up and running at the urban homestead.

This past week I watched "Capitalism, a love story" by Micheal Moore. Excellent, simply excellent....only for those who think however. Individuals content with mass dogma need not view..........I am currently reading "The Brush War in Rhodesia" by Michael Croukamp and "Eating Fossil Fuels" by Dale Pfeiffer. While fine tuning by new Philosophy of................

As I watch the unraveling i realize that during some time these past two years i did have hope. It is gone.

I am glad my hope is gone.
We as a system can no longer function and can no longer change.
The opportunity to prevent disaster has passed.

Our representative government has proven once again that it is incapable of any new thought patterns---simply recreating the same old failures backed with the same old lies. This mid term election will, in all probability, return the Republicans to power due to the stupidity of the electorate. This Republican party return to power absolutely will be the end of us as a first world society.

I embrace this systematic cultural and economic failure. The now lost, possibility of hope, prevented actual change. The false front of repair to the economy and banking does nothing for us. We truly should have let all those rat bastard companies and speculators go under. Only by hitting bottom did we have a true chance of survival which Bush gave up to save his fellow members of the oppressor class in deals causing the destruction of the Treasury. Any possible success in the propping up of our system required the follow up of changing it. Which we have not and apparently will not do.
Therefore we slide slowly at first towards collapse...

Stored long term food, water, self generated electricity, hybrid & human powered vehicles, a producing garden, weapons, munitions----what could be next?

Emergency and standard medical supplies, medicinal herb production, people contacts and knowledge.

Failures in emergency services response, overall medical supply, electricity failure crippling advanced medical technology, the inability for service technicians to travel long distances for medical machinery repairs, pay failures to Doctors and hospital staff. All of these problems occurred during the crashes of both the Russian and the Argentine economic systems. If a complete failure does not occur additional issues may be the overloading of medical processes by population demands or a pricing structure out of range. The long descent will effect medical care as we know it in a drastic manner over time.

Trained medics-- natural healers, herbalists, massage therapists will be in tremendous demand as the only remaining functional medical system at hand. The ability to mentally switch to a health care process where a mid-wife is the pregnancy go to person, a herbalist is your prescription source, and a healer is your doctor will be necessary for survival.

Herbalists will take the place of the local pharmacist since the majority of pharmacists cannot create medicines from naturally growing ingredients---they are mixers of chemically built and produced materials unobtainable during a collapse. Paramedics, and first aid trained individuals (such as myself) will also be in demand...although our usefulness will be limited to our first responder knowledge base.

In addition to seeking out,supporting and protecting natural healers and first responder trained individuals as part of our personal health network we must be independently equipped in advance for emergency first aid. This coming month will be first aid supply month for our purchases. First purchase will be a large field med kit modeled on the military squad med bag....second purchase will be a small pocket or pouch size first aid kit for on person carry---followed by a dental emergency kit, suture kit, and two cases of chemical cold packs...(since ice for injuries can be somewhat difficult to locate on demand in our desert)

on person kit
This type of kit and supplies will hold through pretty much any standard emergency--a small, accidental cut with an axe or a knife...the odd non-vital hit bullet wound, animal or human bite etc.. Major surgery however will be beyond our capabilities. The overriding premise will be to fight infection..of any injury. Infection in 3rd world societies is always a killer.

squad kit

One's mental attitude toward health and wellness must change in a collapsed society---injury or illness prevention should always be present in ones thoughts while engaged in any activity. Personal hygiene both dental and physical are of the utmost importance along with a return to the recognition that every action may have a devastating health or injury reaction--a broken leg could lead to amputation as in the 1860's...a cold could lead to consumption and death with no antibiotics available on demand. In other words, no screwing around as we now do with the built in backup of "the Doc can sew that back on for me." Your thought patterns must change. Your concept of available medicine will have to change---if not social Darwinism will go to work on you.

I tried being reasonable, I didn't like it.
Clint Eastwood

Saturday, March 13, 2010

We are clearing ground of winter debris, building an irrigation system, and planting early producing vegetables preparing for the spring/summer garden season.

Many of my upcoming entries as the season changes will be centered on garden production. The following are the last two winter subjects featuring------------- self generated power production and overt defense weapons.
You and yours are alone in the coming future---you must be prepared, smart, focused, thoughtful, multi-skilled.

The storms are coming.
Bankruptcies personal, bank and corporate. Massive national debt increases, insolvent local government, vapor locked national government, high unemployment matched by massive under employment. Increases in food prices.

We will soon be legend.

Currently we are in the process of upgrading our self generated power system.
We will be purchasing a sunforce 400 watt wind turbine generator, a additional solar panel rack with 4-- 60 watt panels, an additional solar specific battery, and a grid tie inverter. Our intention is by the close of April to be producing 30% of the power we use. When possible return power to the meter reducing our billing, and be able under depression circumstances produce enough power to survive.
We currently have a 4 panel rack supplying electricity to my shed. Our intent is to move this rack to the house roof, mated to an additional 4 panel rack supplying 480 watts to an enlarged battery storage system. The solar system will be supplemented by a 400 watt wind turbine generator which will also be roof mounted and fed to the battery system. The combination of wind and solar is termed a hybrid system. The advantages are obvious. The wind turbine works at night, or in cloudy/stormy conditions allowing for a constant supply of electricity.

The last but actually most expensive element of the system is the grid tie inverter. The grid tie inverter converts the dc electric we manufacture to ac current, feeds the ac current into our regular house electrical system for usage and when possible feeds power to the main electric lines spinning our electric meter backwards for credit.
I will freely admit that we are attempting to get by as cheap as possible using Chinese built rather than German built components. This is a cash operation on my part, the investment must be recoverable in a short period of time, and actually going on the cheap allows for expansion when funds are available. I have experimented with Chinese components and although they produce less, the capital outlay is less. My goal is to add more panel racks and batteries as capital allows.
I am extremely happy about stepping into self-power creation for the house after experimenting for a long time. Our Local Power company Excel is useless in regards to home power generation. Like many companies they have a phony webpage claiming to assist you where no one answers emails, or phones. This is all up to us, we must do this. No one will help you. Once you can generate your own power, grow your own food, you are truly independent of this corrupt system we inhabit.

This is a somewhat delicate subject open to misinterpretation.
Which, none the less, requires being addressed.

With a reduction, corruption or actual elimination of police services---- defense of your home, your food stuffs, the lives of your loved ones fall to you. Unfortunately many individuals within the prepared community pay extreme attention to weapons with a subsequent lack of similar preparation in garden food production, water independence and medical capability.
The reasoning behind this propensity to over focus on firearms is probably psychological. Centering on the need for control.

Firearms will be necessary---within reason. Stockpiling numerous weapons and extremely large quantities of munitions are unnecessary.
My weapons systems are divided into two concepts
grey man operations (described in a previous post) and overt defense. Overt Defense is utilized when a display of power is necessary against a visible open possibility of attack when official security assistance is non-functioning. My Overt Defense system consists of weapons that I am intimately familiar with, simple, robust, proven and based upon my previous operational experience.
I have a .308 nato FN-FAL battle rifle and a Browning GP-35 High Power pistol for overt defense with appropriate load bearing gear designed for these weapons.These are now consider elderly weapon systems and those with more recent operational experience would do well to stay with the more modern weapons with which they have been trained.

This is massive bunker filled with weapons and ammunition--just these two weapons with just enough ammo for a stick sized firefight carried on my person. Why these weapons and why is this enough compared to what others stockpile?
My previous experience tells me that there is simply no such thing as standing off thousands in a bunker. You cannot stockpile enough ammo to lock yourself away from the world and live...those seeking security in this manner are actually dooming themselves through narrow focus and poor planning. Might it indeed be necessary to drive off groups intent on theft or assault, yes it may. Can you resist such things alone forever? Simply No. The formation of a community--block--security group is logical, and if this type of community cooperation does not or will not exist you will be unable to survive on your own. My overt defense material is designed to allow me to be an active member of such a community group--to contribute a viable share of defense and watch duty on demand.

My preferred method of carriage is based on the 1960-1980 South African and Rhodesian principles. Ones Kit should provide the ability for movement, and the basics for limited operations. Support load bearing gear for my FN-Fal is the South African Army belt pack (displayed below) and suspender support system designed for the FN-Fal. The SA belt pack allows for the carriage of 4 spare 20 round magazines, and two large pouches for supplemental gear. Food, Water for 1-2 days and 100 rounds are all you can use and all you will be able to do....there is nothing beyond that if you are without assistance.
It has only been relatively recently that standing night watch over a small community with ones neighbors is no longer a required service. Cooperation between humans has always been our species survival assurance. It well may be again.

I think I understand what military fame is; to be killed on the field of battle and have your name misspelled in the hometown newspapers.
William Tecumseh Sherman

Friday, March 05, 2010

America the third world, and how to accept and deal with it is
the subject of this blog entry.

I believe Obama is a good, intelligent man and the best President we have had in a long, long time...I have had to accept the logic that it is however too late for us. A good man chosen too late....unable to repair the damage done by his predecessor. We deserve our fall into the third world. Purposely stupid, suspiciously religious, juvenile, greedy society that we have become...for our failure to a 17 year old Camaro driver our nation goes into a pole at full speed and full radio volume....

For a moment do away with the required, standard American chest thumping talk of greatness. Put down the propaganda, the spin you carry with you every day acquired from the government, the press and our education system and try to understand that the United States of America is now a member of the third world. 90% of Americans will not believe or understand this statement. Let us run down a logical checklist of the characteristics of a 3rd world nation that you can admit apply to us without the nonsense of back and forth, for and against statistical proof.

1- Incapable and corrupt central government------------------check
2- Large standing military,and military budget----------------check
3- Large prison population (we lead the world in this category)----check
4- No G20 style national health care----------------------------check
5- High infant mortality rate (we rank 35Th in the world)----check
6- Lack of multiple political parties (only two)-----------------check
7- Lack of national labor protective legislation-----------------check
8- Tribal in nature, religiously separatist------------------------check
9- Debtor Nation----------------------------------------------------check
10-Lack of manufacturing capability------------------------------check
11-Imports energy requirements----------------------------------check
12-Demonizes other states as control propaganda-------------check
13 Failed banking system------------------------------------------check
14-10% or less of population controls 90% of wealth----------check
15-Lack of public transportation-----------------------------------check

I could go on and on and on. But why? If you don't get it by now you never will.

Sacramento California

The Bush administration took America from a the position of a 1st world country with a treasury surplus to that of a 3rd world debtor nation in 8 years. Under the Bush administration the greatest movement of wealth in history occurred to the top 10% of the population. The greatest reduction in salary and earning power for the rest of the population occurred. The Bush administration ended with the collapse of a banking system which was allowed to become corrupted and rotted during this wealth transfer. Add to this two unnecessary wars draining the treasury into private---greedy hands and here we are.

New Delhi

With the current national debt level, the approaching 78 million boomer demands on social security, medicaid and all health services, the upcoming collapse of the commercial real estate market to match the private housing collapse...702 additional banks threatened with closure, states and municipalities threatening bankruptcy, a government reported 10% unemployment rate (which is truthfully more in the area of 20-25 %) peak oil ahead which no one wishes to speak of---- combine all these situations along with the checklist above and we are simply done for. We are no longer members of the 1st world nations club.

Detroit Michigan

The individuals first and most important step is to realize that our world as Americans is about to drastically change for the worse. To stop fooling ourselves that there is a golden solution out there, that the government will fix this because there is no golden solution and the government does not care about you whatsoever.
The second step is to realize that the best outcome is based on your ability to adapt and overcome---to grow as much of your own food as possible---to stockpile necessities---to accept the lack of medical care and work health issues outside the previous standards of commercial healing. To conserve finances---to produce a percentage of your own power if possible. To realize that you are responsible for your own safety and protection. To avoid corrupt authority. To be able to purify your own water. To band together with your neighbors for support, commerce, and to create viable communities that rise above the surrounding desperation. To have the personal will and ability to create something out of nothing.
West Bank
The thing is that there is still a little time to prepare---take advantage of it....

I spent 10 years of my life in multiple 3rd world countries. As our nation descends further into the 3rd world---- specific protocols need to be adopted. Unfortunately many of these protocols are considered cultural, absolutely not true, these protocols of interaction are survival techniques.

In the United States we have no protocol, social requirement or demand to remove one's shoes prior to entering a home. Removing your shoes prior to entering a private space is not cultural, it is health related. As our infrastructure fails and our national bankruptcy reaches greater depths--sanitation as in sewers, storm drain maintenance,street cleaning,public latrines all services supplied by local governments will fail. Public health standards will fail at the same time---greater disease, long term untreated conditions due to no national health service and poverty will become commonplace.
The result will be public area's contaminated with shit & urine both human and animal, hacked up TB globs, dead animals, and eventually dead people. This is the standard public area conditions in many 3rd world nations.
You have to be out and about in this world.....everything out there attaches itself to your feet---entering a private space with those shoes on contaminates the owner's living area with this buffet of germs---THAT'S WHY YOU REMOVE YOUR SHOES prior to entering someones home or private space. CONTAMINATION CONTROL....not some obscure foreign social requirement that Americans think is quaint------this is also why displaying the soles of your feet or shoes to someone is considered an insult abroad in many locales---It means I purposely infect you and consider you to be like the material on my soles. This is why George Bush II got those shoes thrown at him in Iraq---the greatest possible insult you can apply to a human.

Get used to removing your shoes prior to entering your home or anyone else's home as our personal fortunes fall and our public services are curtailed or fail outright......

No touching of hands------------as in shaking hands when meeting, receiving change during purchases--and never accept the insane hug by those touchy, feeley people you encounter even in business today-----------basically no touching whatsoever until a relationship is established that has displayed the health of the individuals involved---- such as relatives and very, very close friends. This is again not simply some cute foreign "Namaste" ritual. It has a specific purpose in restricting the spread of deadly disease, parasites or simply dirt from the unwashed without intending insult. The next time you are at a Chinese restaurant watch how you are handed your change. It will be held by the edge---you are to accept it at your edge--no touching of hands in the transaction.

No dogs in the house---again for the same reason the contamination of the private space with disease either carried in from their paws, coats etc. or inherent diseases due to lack of vet care. Only in America will you see children run up to strange dogs and hug them---In the third world they throw rocks at them to keep them away---disease, fleas and rabies you know? Not I'm not saying to train your kid to throw rocks at dogs---just train them to stay away from strange dogs as a standard safety practice. Like the stranger with candy in a car.....

These 3rd world practices are absolutely necessary to put in place as standard operational procedure---NOW----not when N1N1 is on the loose but rather as a new way of life for you as a new 3rd world American citizen.

I am constructing several small...survival fishing kits. A reel of line for .25 cents on sale, used Altoid tins spray painted olive drab,----combined with a few basic tackle pieces, small hooks, leaders, bobbers from Walmart for a total of $5.00 US makes 4 emergency fishing kits for bug-out bags, packs and web gear pouch. I'm not being cheap on this is just that survival fishing kits of this size sold commercially(pictured) really have no advantages compared to my homemade kits!
I live in the high desert..although there are rare streams, and even rarer rivers...I can't overlook the additional food possibilities. These small kits made for handheld fishing will work just fine for my area without a huge investment in fishing tackle.

Your garden is your number one survival food source but having the capability to survival fish when encountering a stream can't hurt as a source of additional oils and other dietary requirements. Fish can be dried and easily transported. Although I may have to hike out a distance to a source of water large enough to support fish--it may be worth it at some point. If while in the process of some other endeavor I encounter fish able water I can take advantage of it with my easily carried kit.

The future has a way of arriving unannounced.