Friday, March 26, 2010

Against my better judgement this week I joined a survivalist forum. Some of the information presented is excellent and has assisted very much with our urban homesteading project....but Jesus Christ what a crew of tin foil hat wearing,Fox news believing, tea bagging, religious fanatic, politically right of Attila the is just such a shame that this if the public face of preparedness in the United States. There are people like me there--we cannot be very vocal, but on the odd occasion they and I stand up for reasonableness and are called socialists, democrats, and oddly communists (which don't actually exist outside of Cuba any longer)
I had been prowling this forum for awhile for ideas, and decided that it was not right to not be a member while shifting hard worked information from them. It is interesting there to say the least and I'll stay for awhile.

My personal favorite this week---How TSA will screen your helper monkey when you fly with bullshit----absolutely true

Gas going up again?
Global hunger is coming
Buy your own "survivalist" bunker
U.S. Preppers in the world news

The Electrician installers were out to the homestead this week and examined the wind generator, solar panels and grid tie inverter I purchased and said we were good to go. I'm hoping that this coming week we will get progress on installation. It is funny how this upcoming expansion of our home power generating system has struck me...I feel the wind now and think of how I could be generating free power--when the sun is hot I think the same thoughts--big power day. Being able to produce our own power is freeing and certainly changes one's thoughts on the weather.

I've been devouring books again. I've focused this time on insurgencies, bush wars and make do type military powers. In a way re-upping my knowledge base in small group or individual operations

"The Brush War in Rhodesia" by Dennis Croukamp....A very interesting account based on Mr. Croukamp's 19 years in the Rhodesian army from the beginnings of the insurgency against Rhodesia to the end. This book provides a great deal of first hand accounts of the Bush war---Unfortunately many grievances are laid bare and many unrewarded, misunderstood I was a rebel stories---but still a great book and a great read.

"19 with a Bullet" Granger Korff......the biography of a young South African Paratroop and the war in Angola. A good first person account but again a great deal of misunderstood rebel stories that I could have done without--but still an interesting first person account.

"A Savage war of Peace" by Alistair Horne---the history of the Algerian war of Independence against the French. An excellent 'old school style' history...

Each month I attempt to, within reason, add to our preparedness supply and equipment stocks. Some months I do better than others.
I obtained April's homesteading materials this last week of March---16 MRE's------2---pocket trauma aid kits(the big home kit will wait until may)-------200 rnds. 7.62x51 Nato----1-FN/FAL scope----6 British surplus desert camo shirts for $19.00. Everything on sale or free so i simply could not resist. Organized flexibility is the key in this type of purchasing

Sweat saves blood.
Erwin Rommel

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