Saturday, March 13, 2010

We are clearing ground of winter debris, building an irrigation system, and planting early producing vegetables preparing for the spring/summer garden season.

Many of my upcoming entries as the season changes will be centered on garden production. The following are the last two winter subjects featuring------------- self generated power production and overt defense weapons.
You and yours are alone in the coming future---you must be prepared, smart, focused, thoughtful, multi-skilled.

The storms are coming.
Bankruptcies personal, bank and corporate. Massive national debt increases, insolvent local government, vapor locked national government, high unemployment matched by massive under employment. Increases in food prices.

We will soon be legend.

Currently we are in the process of upgrading our self generated power system.
We will be purchasing a sunforce 400 watt wind turbine generator, a additional solar panel rack with 4-- 60 watt panels, an additional solar specific battery, and a grid tie inverter. Our intention is by the close of April to be producing 30% of the power we use. When possible return power to the meter reducing our billing, and be able under depression circumstances produce enough power to survive.
We currently have a 4 panel rack supplying electricity to my shed. Our intent is to move this rack to the house roof, mated to an additional 4 panel rack supplying 480 watts to an enlarged battery storage system. The solar system will be supplemented by a 400 watt wind turbine generator which will also be roof mounted and fed to the battery system. The combination of wind and solar is termed a hybrid system. The advantages are obvious. The wind turbine works at night, or in cloudy/stormy conditions allowing for a constant supply of electricity.

The last but actually most expensive element of the system is the grid tie inverter. The grid tie inverter converts the dc electric we manufacture to ac current, feeds the ac current into our regular house electrical system for usage and when possible feeds power to the main electric lines spinning our electric meter backwards for credit.
I will freely admit that we are attempting to get by as cheap as possible using Chinese built rather than German built components. This is a cash operation on my part, the investment must be recoverable in a short period of time, and actually going on the cheap allows for expansion when funds are available. I have experimented with Chinese components and although they produce less, the capital outlay is less. My goal is to add more panel racks and batteries as capital allows.
I am extremely happy about stepping into self-power creation for the house after experimenting for a long time. Our Local Power company Excel is useless in regards to home power generation. Like many companies they have a phony webpage claiming to assist you where no one answers emails, or phones. This is all up to us, we must do this. No one will help you. Once you can generate your own power, grow your own food, you are truly independent of this corrupt system we inhabit.

This is a somewhat delicate subject open to misinterpretation.
Which, none the less, requires being addressed.

With a reduction, corruption or actual elimination of police services---- defense of your home, your food stuffs, the lives of your loved ones fall to you. Unfortunately many individuals within the prepared community pay extreme attention to weapons with a subsequent lack of similar preparation in garden food production, water independence and medical capability.
The reasoning behind this propensity to over focus on firearms is probably psychological. Centering on the need for control.

Firearms will be necessary---within reason. Stockpiling numerous weapons and extremely large quantities of munitions are unnecessary.
My weapons systems are divided into two concepts
grey man operations (described in a previous post) and overt defense. Overt Defense is utilized when a display of power is necessary against a visible open possibility of attack when official security assistance is non-functioning. My Overt Defense system consists of weapons that I am intimately familiar with, simple, robust, proven and based upon my previous operational experience.
I have a .308 nato FN-FAL battle rifle and a Browning GP-35 High Power pistol for overt defense with appropriate load bearing gear designed for these weapons.These are now consider elderly weapon systems and those with more recent operational experience would do well to stay with the more modern weapons with which they have been trained.

This is massive bunker filled with weapons and ammunition--just these two weapons with just enough ammo for a stick sized firefight carried on my person. Why these weapons and why is this enough compared to what others stockpile?
My previous experience tells me that there is simply no such thing as standing off thousands in a bunker. You cannot stockpile enough ammo to lock yourself away from the world and live...those seeking security in this manner are actually dooming themselves through narrow focus and poor planning. Might it indeed be necessary to drive off groups intent on theft or assault, yes it may. Can you resist such things alone forever? Simply No. The formation of a community--block--security group is logical, and if this type of community cooperation does not or will not exist you will be unable to survive on your own. My overt defense material is designed to allow me to be an active member of such a community group--to contribute a viable share of defense and watch duty on demand.

My preferred method of carriage is based on the 1960-1980 South African and Rhodesian principles. Ones Kit should provide the ability for movement, and the basics for limited operations. Support load bearing gear for my FN-Fal is the South African Army belt pack (displayed below) and suspender support system designed for the FN-Fal. The SA belt pack allows for the carriage of 4 spare 20 round magazines, and two large pouches for supplemental gear. Food, Water for 1-2 days and 100 rounds are all you can use and all you will be able to do....there is nothing beyond that if you are without assistance.
It has only been relatively recently that standing night watch over a small community with ones neighbors is no longer a required service. Cooperation between humans has always been our species survival assurance. It well may be again.

I think I understand what military fame is; to be killed on the field of battle and have your name misspelled in the hometown newspapers.
William Tecumseh Sherman

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