Saturday, March 20, 2010

My additional power generation equipment arrived this week--with the exception of my additional battery pack which, I am sure, due to it's weight is coming by sampan.
Following great difficulty I finally made contact with my local power company's small producer representative with the result being I now have all the proper, required forms to file allowing the sale excess power back to the grid. I have to pay a fee of course to do this...Soon my new wind/solar equipment will be up and running at the urban homestead.

This past week I watched "Capitalism, a love story" by Micheal Moore. Excellent, simply excellent....only for those who think however. Individuals content with mass dogma need not view..........I am currently reading "The Brush War in Rhodesia" by Michael Croukamp and "Eating Fossil Fuels" by Dale Pfeiffer. While fine tuning by new Philosophy of................

As I watch the unraveling i realize that during some time these past two years i did have hope. It is gone.

I am glad my hope is gone.
We as a system can no longer function and can no longer change.
The opportunity to prevent disaster has passed.

Our representative government has proven once again that it is incapable of any new thought patterns---simply recreating the same old failures backed with the same old lies. This mid term election will, in all probability, return the Republicans to power due to the stupidity of the electorate. This Republican party return to power absolutely will be the end of us as a first world society.

I embrace this systematic cultural and economic failure. The now lost, possibility of hope, prevented actual change. The false front of repair to the economy and banking does nothing for us. We truly should have let all those rat bastard companies and speculators go under. Only by hitting bottom did we have a true chance of survival which Bush gave up to save his fellow members of the oppressor class in deals causing the destruction of the Treasury. Any possible success in the propping up of our system required the follow up of changing it. Which we have not and apparently will not do.
Therefore we slide slowly at first towards collapse...

Stored long term food, water, self generated electricity, hybrid & human powered vehicles, a producing garden, weapons, munitions----what could be next?

Emergency and standard medical supplies, medicinal herb production, people contacts and knowledge.

Failures in emergency services response, overall medical supply, electricity failure crippling advanced medical technology, the inability for service technicians to travel long distances for medical machinery repairs, pay failures to Doctors and hospital staff. All of these problems occurred during the crashes of both the Russian and the Argentine economic systems. If a complete failure does not occur additional issues may be the overloading of medical processes by population demands or a pricing structure out of range. The long descent will effect medical care as we know it in a drastic manner over time.

Trained medics-- natural healers, herbalists, massage therapists will be in tremendous demand as the only remaining functional medical system at hand. The ability to mentally switch to a health care process where a mid-wife is the pregnancy go to person, a herbalist is your prescription source, and a healer is your doctor will be necessary for survival.

Herbalists will take the place of the local pharmacist since the majority of pharmacists cannot create medicines from naturally growing ingredients---they are mixers of chemically built and produced materials unobtainable during a collapse. Paramedics, and first aid trained individuals (such as myself) will also be in demand...although our usefulness will be limited to our first responder knowledge base.

In addition to seeking out,supporting and protecting natural healers and first responder trained individuals as part of our personal health network we must be independently equipped in advance for emergency first aid. This coming month will be first aid supply month for our purchases. First purchase will be a large field med kit modeled on the military squad med bag....second purchase will be a small pocket or pouch size first aid kit for on person carry---followed by a dental emergency kit, suture kit, and two cases of chemical cold packs...(since ice for injuries can be somewhat difficult to locate on demand in our desert)

on person kit
This type of kit and supplies will hold through pretty much any standard emergency--a small, accidental cut with an axe or a knife...the odd non-vital hit bullet wound, animal or human bite etc.. Major surgery however will be beyond our capabilities. The overriding premise will be to fight infection..of any injury. Infection in 3rd world societies is always a killer.

squad kit

One's mental attitude toward health and wellness must change in a collapsed society---injury or illness prevention should always be present in ones thoughts while engaged in any activity. Personal hygiene both dental and physical are of the utmost importance along with a return to the recognition that every action may have a devastating health or injury reaction--a broken leg could lead to amputation as in the 1860's...a cold could lead to consumption and death with no antibiotics available on demand. In other words, no screwing around as we now do with the built in backup of "the Doc can sew that back on for me." Your thought patterns must change. Your concept of available medicine will have to change---if not social Darwinism will go to work on you.

I tried being reasonable, I didn't like it.
Clint Eastwood

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