Monday, November 30, 2009

I have just been putting my head down and existing....seemingly without purpose. There has been nothing produced that I wish to be a part of lately. It may be the result of fall and winter.

I am doing internal things---art, photography, writing, organizing.....but in a way to what end?

I am planning on modifying my Prius for additional mileage---but I am considered a wacko at work for conserving while surrounded by huge pick-up trucks and SUV's. I do not require the accolades of others but leave me alone at least. I cannot get a response from the local power company on their phony solar panel one answers the phone or their emails. So I create power for my use but cannot contribute...Phony is the basis of everything now......Society is as repressive as ever--possibly more--in the drive to create income. To put off the changes that must be made.
It must be the winter---it must be.

I recently discovered the film "Legion". I can barely wait for it's DVD release. It appears as if it is a sort of Prophecy with guns, lots of guns, lots of demons, and angry angels. All due to a pregnant waitress in a desert diner.... The cast seems to be made up of actors you have seen dozens of times in strong supporting performances in other movies...... The link below takes you to the movie site where the trailer is absolutely excellent...the first time I viewed the trailer I simply sat and made Wow sounds. This will definitely be one of those movies I must buy on DVD to watch repeatedly if the film follows true on the trailer. I must admit there are times where my No movie theater rule bums me out but.....too bad. This looks excellent.

" That's mighty good police work there Lou..."
if this guy actually did this he hated his job worse that I hate mine...

I told you they would be coming for you----first smokers then fat----------

Is that the war against weed will end.
There is always a karmic truth to things.
The current depression and the changes to our society that our economic self destruction has created (that everyone knows is coming...except for our politicians) will END Marijuana prohibition. The largest cash crop in the United States is now Marijuana. It amazes me that people still get caught at the border trying to bring weed in....why? Too stupid to grow I presume. The economy is and will be in the toilet--which means more people will be turning to growing than buying and brewing rather than buying......what about the 78 MILLION baby boomers, my personal special interest group, is up for retirement which means no more Job demanded urine tests and it's time to fire up once many tens of million wrinkled old asses will the government then put in jail....because let's face it---getting old stoned is way better than just getting old. 80 years of societal stupidity is nearly over---and Republican wall street bankers will have been the cause of it------funny eh?

"Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich."
Napoleon Bonaparte

Thursday, November 26, 2009

I have purposefully kept myself isolated from our sad excuse for a culture recently.
Being isolated from the ship of fools our nation has become is good for me, good for my mind.
I have tried to stay within routines I can control----having a consistent routine assists your body and mind in coping with the world out there and staying healthy. The mind and body need anchor points to rely on...a favorite coffee shop for lunch where you are known and can get a rest stop of quiet in the middle of the workday....moments to write in personal notebooks---Good books to read-------personal experiments to work on with no time limits. Organized---clean space both at work and at home...
These and many more small anchor points I am attempting to pay attention to on a daily basis regardless of what confusion and dirt the world may throw at me. Fuck the rest of the world.
I currently have three books in the process of being read, the latest added being "The Math Book" by Clifford A. Pickover. Excellent! a compilation of the greatest Math theories by timeline through human history.
tonight is classic Science fiction night, the planned viewing is the movie THEM ------not the John Carpenter them, but the original 1950's giant ants from New Mexico attack the world THEM......

I do create my own world and enjoy it----------

Fall and winter makes everything fall apart and become disorganized and ugly................

I hate the dead brown plants, arriving home in the dark from work, the cold and dirty automobiles in the morning. Everywhere I look the world appears like a scene from the movie The Road......I never realized how much I dislike this time of year until we had our gardens---I miss them. I can see now why farmers and gardeners live for spring. I don't have the holiday hang myself mental problem---I could care about the holiday season---its just that I've just discovered that this time of year lacks beauty and organization----and there is nothing that I can really do about it other than wait----

I have random attacks of wanting to do art....this is just personal for me----I do not walk around introducing myself as the "artiste" or anything---I hang around with some "art" people but it is by accident and because I like them----not because they do bad art you know? I just do my own stuff that I hang up in my nerd cave---drawing with manga markers and some odd photography---like the header for this blog. Sometime I like to combine photography with my little drawings---During an attack of art last week I ordered a Blackbird Fly, twin lens reflex camera.
I have always wanted a twin lens reflex but the good ones were out of my price range until this camera. Analog using standard 35mm film the blackbird allows you to take sprocket to sprocket photos as displayed. I ordered five rolls of black and white film along with the camera cause my plan is to do a few things with a b&w photo surrounded by my weird stick figure drawings.....anyway I am looking forward to seeing the world through a new camera---

"I'm not insane -- my mother had me tested."
Dr. Sheldon Cooper

Friday, November 20, 2009

This week was filled with visiting, reading, receiving my ordered books and action figure computing, art and of course the never ending working. All in all not a bad week---immune from the family requirements of the holiday season is wondrous--
No family=No complications.
The entire next month should be even more excellent--those that make my life miserable at work are at home making their relatives and families miserable and I am free to enjoy having no drama at work, and no requirements of my own---like a Buddhist hermit i will drift pleasantly.....till everyone comes back!

This is somewhat interesting-----an article in the Huffington Post on 18---yes-------
The 18 biggest proven lies in Sarah Palin's book---Eighteen---18 just the biggest mind you.... Now the proof is not a he said she said thing....these 18 Stories---- were in direct contrast with her previously recorded statements. So this is very interesting, either she was lying then or is she lying now. Which is it? This evidence will of course make no difference to the white trash that will buy her book---fortunately many of them are now unemployed because of republican policy they will have to wait until the book is discounted down in the dollar store. What have we come to when this pos is any kind of a public figure......

This may be old news to some but quite the discovery for me.... a film called "THE OBJECTIVE". Recommended by a friend I watched this film this past week on DVD. Your enjoyment of the film will be dependent on the condition that you are willing to overlook the ending. My belief is that the film is excellent the ending does not bother me.
Here is the basic premise. A special forces team lead by a CIA operative enters an area in Afghanistan where there has been unusual radioactive signatures detected by satellite surveillance----although it is not weapons of mass destruction and the CIA knows that it is not.......great acting, tremendous backgrounds since it was filmed in Morocco, perfect firefights and representations of an sf team in motion, the movie should be watched just for the naturalness of the actors and their characters. Find this movie and watch it if you enjoyed "Tears of the Sun" you'll like this.

My weekly averages this fall are running consistently over 50 miles per gallon. This is up from last year. Usually when the weather turns colder my Prius gets worse mileage. Due to the stupid requirement to heat the catalytic converter and the change in wind direction on my commuting path with the change of the seasons. This year the reduction in mileage has not shown up yet. I've been maintaining anywhere from 50.7 to 54.7 miles per gallon without fail and without a change in driving technique? My 2007 prius has now a total of 41,117 miles on it without a problem. All parts remain original and my only complaint is that the Plexiglas headlight covers are becoming scratched and dull from road wear and tear. Once again i can tell the Bush's and the Saudi princes to bite me.

"You know, it’s amazing how many super villains have advanced degrees. Graduate schools should probably do a better job at screening those people out."
Dr. Sheldon Cooper

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fall has hit with full force now---everything is brown, dead and covered with leaves in the gardens and should actually shut down from now till January 10th or so if we were honest with ourselves about the amount of business we really accomplish this time of year. We should just hunker up inside and prepare for the groundhogs----lining our burrows with stuff for the long winter sleep.

I just ordered a new action figure. Well, once again new for me.... Master Chief from Halo.
As Dr. Sheldon Cooper says "Wednesday night is Halo night". I just had the urge to buy a new figure...something for the nerd cave. A new decoration. I really am Sheldon Cooper on the Big Bang Theory not as funny tho since I am really old......I fought off that action figure feeling a couple of months ago when I was considering buying a really nice Locke (character from the LOST tv show) figure for $29.00 but pretended to be an adult and denied myself....of course this week I look that figure back up thinking of buying it and now it costs over $130.00----being an adult is very costly and not as responsible as it is cracked up to be. So Master Chief is coming soon...Action figure investing appears to be better than the stock market or treasury bonds in this depression---although it might be tough to convince JoJo to put all our money in this particular investment.

With the increase in dark hours there has been a increase in my reading---currently I am reading:
"The emperor wears no clothes, cannabis and the conspiracy against marijuana" by Jack Herer
and "A paradise built in hell" by Rebecca Solnit----the first book is self-explanatory and wonderfully written and produced, the second book is a discussion on the Utopian communities that always spring up naturally after a disaster without direction. I've been reading these along with a book called the "Ecotechnic future". When finished I'll report on all three.

I hate Daylight savings time. It is in effect and once again the boot of the man is on our necks.........the concept of changing the hours of daylight from our off time, the workers, and give it to the oppressors so that the mill owner does not have to pay for electric lights just makes me insane---we go to and leave the job in the dark! Those republican bastards whose name is on the label of everything made must even steal daylight from the pocket of the working citizen... Why is it that the state of Arizona does not have to go along with the stupidity of daylight savings time and all the rest of us have to? Where's the union when you really need it?

"Radiation burns -- a little mishap while I was building my own CAT scanner.... In fact, I was briefly able to see the inside of my sister's guinea pig, Snowball, before he caught fire. It led to an interesting expression in our house: "not a snowball's chance in a CAT scanner."