Monday, November 30, 2009

I have just been putting my head down and existing....seemingly without purpose. There has been nothing produced that I wish to be a part of lately. It may be the result of fall and winter.

I am doing internal things---art, photography, writing, organizing.....but in a way to what end?

I am planning on modifying my Prius for additional mileage---but I am considered a wacko at work for conserving while surrounded by huge pick-up trucks and SUV's. I do not require the accolades of others but leave me alone at least. I cannot get a response from the local power company on their phony solar panel one answers the phone or their emails. So I create power for my use but cannot contribute...Phony is the basis of everything now......Society is as repressive as ever--possibly more--in the drive to create income. To put off the changes that must be made.
It must be the winter---it must be.

I recently discovered the film "Legion". I can barely wait for it's DVD release. It appears as if it is a sort of Prophecy with guns, lots of guns, lots of demons, and angry angels. All due to a pregnant waitress in a desert diner.... The cast seems to be made up of actors you have seen dozens of times in strong supporting performances in other movies...... The link below takes you to the movie site where the trailer is absolutely excellent...the first time I viewed the trailer I simply sat and made Wow sounds. This will definitely be one of those movies I must buy on DVD to watch repeatedly if the film follows true on the trailer. I must admit there are times where my No movie theater rule bums me out but.....too bad. This looks excellent.

" That's mighty good police work there Lou..."
if this guy actually did this he hated his job worse that I hate mine...

I told you they would be coming for you----first smokers then fat----------

Is that the war against weed will end.
There is always a karmic truth to things.
The current depression and the changes to our society that our economic self destruction has created (that everyone knows is coming...except for our politicians) will END Marijuana prohibition. The largest cash crop in the United States is now Marijuana. It amazes me that people still get caught at the border trying to bring weed in....why? Too stupid to grow I presume. The economy is and will be in the toilet--which means more people will be turning to growing than buying and brewing rather than buying......what about the 78 MILLION baby boomers, my personal special interest group, is up for retirement which means no more Job demanded urine tests and it's time to fire up once many tens of million wrinkled old asses will the government then put in jail....because let's face it---getting old stoned is way better than just getting old. 80 years of societal stupidity is nearly over---and Republican wall street bankers will have been the cause of it------funny eh?

"Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich."
Napoleon Bonaparte

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