Friday, December 04, 2009

I am treading water lately.....awaiting something to happen....but I do not know what event that might be. Or if it will happen. So i run in the hamster wheel of life. Don't get me wrong I enjoy life--I just have these internal processing glitches that occur at random moments such as right now. I try to overcome by reading, doing art, studying music---and finding something new to focus my attention. I am disconnected right at the moment and this will be as well.

THE ROCKETEER is an all time favorite film of mine. A cult classic. I have a Netflicks DVD copy of it sitting on my player right now and I am awaiting the perfect, undisturbed moment to view it. What is there not to like...incredible art deco styling, rocket packs, Nazi stormtroopers in Los Angeles, Howard Hughes, gangsters, garage inventors, 1930's airplane racing, Mauser Broomhandle pistols and best of all-------- Nazi airships.
If you have never viewed THE ROCKETEER you are missing something very,very special. Disney corporation spared no expense with this film planning on several spin offs for their company...including additional films beyond the first. Unfortunately the film must have demanded something way above the average American viewer and the film was never the success demanded in the United States, the concept of the Rocketeer died a sudden and complete death. A tremendous hit in Japan.....Luckily.

When the film failed to American studio executives standards the follow up merchandising mass production such as film related action figures was cancelled....But the Japanese firm Medicom produces a 1/6th scale highly detailed Rocketeer action figure in very small quantities. OK so all this build up gets to the point that I found one of these figures today on Amazon and bought it.
I simply could not help myself. It will be the most expensive figure in my small, nerd cave collection and one of my most desired.
I came to wanting action figures so late in life---I am culturally the 50 year old virgin when it comes to these things...but i do not collect figures based on future value---they are art to me---I open the boxes and collect what i want to based on personal that I can sit and look and see the character in my head and escape. Desire is tough and this time I gave in.

I've been spending much time this week randomly thinking---it's not that i can't focus...or that I am unhappy with the process. This random thinking process is more as if that my mind has independently decided to put my thoughts on uncontrolled "shuffle". I have been off work sick for two days, which has allowed me to sort of roam free through my head. These sick day thoughts resemble Randy Newman songs--that's an obscure reference which if you don't get---you don't. We have also had a two day snowstorm while I have been off--quieting the world..I was lucky in being sick...snowfall is one of those things best enjoyed when you have no requirements otherwise the daily protocol is severely disrupted. During this snowed in, sick time period I have been doing a small amount of art--I have been using my Blackbird fly camera---that came in last week.
Loaded with black and white film and set on the sprocket to sprocket print setting I've taken a few photo's so far just to warm up to the camera. I want to seriously start looking for shots that I can include in my drawings. Or those bizarre things that catch my eye. I appreciate the idea of being both analog and digital photography capable at any moment. Photography is the art I turn to when I am sad for reasons unknown to me....I do equate photographs to sad moments......even if they appear not to be.

Suburbia is where the developer bulldozes out the trees, then names the streets after them.

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