Friday, December 25, 2009

I love the holidays not for the usual crap that people love them for but rather for the quiet. When the day of and the day after the holiday in question hits calmness prevails out there and the regular insane rhythm of America falls away. There are less cars on the road, work turns from maddening to peaceful, and a world is displayed that could have been, or could be. Where we do not purposefully push ourselves to insanity just because we can.....or because we are told to. Where we can breath. These days exist between Thanksgiving and January 4th. They are slipped into the holiday system not on purpose but by accident---hallmark doesn't have a card for these days. They are valuable to me. Much, much more so than the holidays themselves.

Perhaps the upcoming year will be the one---The year our government comes to it's senses and legalizes Weed. Not for the economic advantages---but because it is the right thing to do...Perhaps this year, perhaps, our society will cease destroying lives simply because people want to get high in their own home and watch a movie. Maybe--hopefully---I'd hate to die thinking this stupidity would continue onward forever. One has to start the New Year off with hope no matter what---we can't continue on letting shits like Nancy Regan decide how our world works....ruining the lives of millions. Legalize Now!

I will be spending the next week considering and philosophizing on the upcoming new year--the year of the Tiger. What I need and want to accomplish---what changes i need to try and make to my bizarre personality for my own good. The new year has always been much more important to me than Christmas-----I consider myself one lucky human unit---in a wondrous relationship--a secure job (true I can't wait to retire from it but still....) a snug little house and a happy world once I am home. Overall I'm a lucky bastard, and I know it.

A few items that perked my interest this week---

How bizarre are we that we need a Federal Law to prohibit big business from holding us against our will?

A DUH? item reporting that Americans are moving from expensive, economically depressed areas instead of moving to them? That's mighty good social science there Lou.

The maker of Ghost in the Shell has a new movie "THE SKY CRAWLERS" I have it on order from netflicks.

I am physically unable to go anywhere without a messenger bag filled with my personal vital needs. net book, water, food, phones, moleskin notebook and pens, areonometer---The other day at lunch I was so happy, it was cold and raining, and I was snug in my favorite coffee-shop, wirelessly prowling the Internet eating a cranberry muffin and drinking a damn good cup of coffee. That was my personal best time in a long time and if it wasn't for my messenger bag-----there would have been no chance of enjoying that moment.
I'm beginning to develop a huge collection of bags and in reality, I don't care.

I just got a new bag a Tenba small messenger.

I already love this bag even tho I have not even carried it yet. It is half messenger--computer bag and half photojournalist bag. It has a removable internal camera organizer that works most excellent for separating and organizing my little---cannot live without items. The new year starts with a new bag and reogranization of my personal requirements---I put up this link every once in awhile to the best photo group on the web---what's in your bag on flickr. If you have not been there go now---very cool.

"And, for an instant, she stared directly into those soft blue eyes and knew, with an instinctive mammalian certainty, that the exceedingly rich were no longer even remotely human."
William Gibson

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