Sunday, December 13, 2009

Cold this week in New Mexico--Snow, ice---like everywhere else in the US apparently. Luckily by this weekend it's gone and daytime temps are in the 40's again. Nothing huge going on in my world--small troubles and small solutions. I am working on my photography both for my art and for this blog---i need to learn to stop and take that picture that strikes me at the moment, rather than driving on with business or whatever. I had one of my best MPG PRIUS days ever Friday at 57.2 mpg on my commute home---well then onward..

You must go here---a photographic site call "There, I fixed it."
If you have ever stood in awe of your own genius in making things work via cheap inspiration this is the site for you.

No words necessary............

LOST season five is out on streaming and DVD. JoJo and I watched 17 episodes, in one week. I cannot imagine how people can watch this show on network television and enjoy it. The show during network broadcasting has 18 minutes of commericals apparently...coupled with the demand of waiting a week for the next episode I don't know how you do it....Although being broadcastless we are forced to wait a year between season DVD releases I would rather do than lose my train of thought through interruptions. The final season is out there so the end is near for this most excellent concept. I am going to miss this.

Since JoJo and I have been lost in the frenzy of viewing the 5th season of LOST on DVD I decided to make one more hunt for an affordable John Locke figure. The price of this specific figure (photography below) pushed up to 4 times it's release price lately..and production of the LOST figures has stopped. This was one of those "I knew I should have" times. I waited on purchasing this figure and then the price jumped. This week tho I discovered a seller at a reasonable, (but still way higher than release) price and jumped on it. Locke is the only 'old guy' true action figure available----which makes this piece even more valuable to me....old guys deserved action figures too. This piece is in route to my collection and I am very happy to have been able to pick up one of these before they disappear.

I received my ROCKETEER version 2.5 12" Action figure by MEDICOM this week and it is excellent! I could not have asked for a better figure...perfect in every way. The photo below is literally how it looks on my desk real cloth and leather and beautifully manufactured almost museum quality. The ROCKETEER figure is the most expensive in my collection so far and the most wonderful--you get what you pay for I suppose. I am happy with my leap of faith into more expensive figures.

I am enjoying this new addiction I have developed late in life for action figure collecting. There are area's I need to improve in. First I need to plan out my purchases based on building a collection...then plan out ad control display conditions. Right now I am displaying my relatively small collection of figures the way most people do....on my desk and shelves. I have to plan out, and develop a methodology for displaying these figures in some sort of specialized shelving system. I am working on this but have not yet discovered the correct item(s) but I am still on the hunt.
Planning future figure purchases is the easy part--the next figure on my list is by the same company as the ROCKETEER Medicom, and is John Conner from Terminator Salvation displayed in the photograph below.

We can speak of second childhood all we want----I have discovered something I really enjoy doing and was denied of as a I'm old and I have money and the desire so what....

I have wondered how Amazon does it...I buy almost everything interesting in my life now from them and they have NEVER, NEVER yet screwed it up---in today's world of shrugged shoulders and no help on the help line how can this be? Here are inside photographs of two of Amazon's secret warehouses somewhere in the world. I salivate at their organization..and this is why they never screw up.

Civilization is unbearable, but it is less unbearable at the top.
Timothy Leary

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