Friday, December 18, 2009

A standard issue week. Work work-sleep sleep--wake up---and start again. The reason why we buy so much stuff is the only way to change things or bring a small amount of light into our lives within the time we are allowed is through the little things we buy. We are not allowed enough time to make, create, or appreciate so we buy all those elements of life. This sucks of course but what alternative is there?
Excellent Prius gas mileage figures continue---snow is gone--and by noon it is nice. Everything is disorganized and needs cleaning in the bungalow.

Religious lunatics cracked me up--that is until they rule the world by overpopulating it----The Duggar Penis Cup race continues the insanity with a 19th kid for these people---mom's innerds and dad's little swimmers must be getting worn out tho----cause surprise---this new kid weighs in at 1--yes one pound and some very small change. Of course if we all believed their religious bullshit like they do the Science applied to help them overpopulate the world would go something like----the Doctor would bleed mom and the kid would be considered cursed. Plus 5 or 6 of their brood would be dead from smallpox and plague but it would be God's wishes you know? Of course they want to believe their shit and use all the pagan lifestyle help they can git....Are these guys still on TV? (since I don't have one I don't know?) Will they get cancelled when her Uterus blows the fuck up?

What a surprise----A recent study advises that the overall angriest, at anything, Americans are
Underthirty,Uneducated, Unemployed and overly pregnant. I am shocked!

This is what we are becoming---Laredo Texas is now offically, the largest city in the United States WITHOUT A BOOKSTORE...there are no bookstores within something like 200 God Damn miles of the place! I realize this is Texas the the citizens in Laredo are Texans and all but still.....Jesus Christ can you live without books? I'd expect you Texicans to at least ways want to buy Sara Palin's piece of shit book---or big bible coloring books----something kind of shit like that! I'm sure that there are two or three people there that read and they can use the Godless, Democratic riddled internet to get their books----but a city's livable index to any thinking person is based on the number of bookstores in town! I suppose I should have seen this coming`--as America turns into a nation of monster trucks, D students, who grow up to be bible thumpers and snake dancers......what good are bookstores anyway---they just make you think and we don't need that kinda thing around here----

I'm finished with my ASUS daily carry netbook. The battery was crapping out---Lynx was ok for web-surfing and email but that was it. I could not make downloads or supplemental hardware work at all---video wise you tube worked but that was it----and overall it was a tremendously frustrating system for me compared to what i wanted to do and be. So I purchased a new Samsung GO netbook. This is the first time I have owned a Samsung product and I am looking forward to changing my mobile computing processes.

I decided to constructed a logical system in the replacement of my ASUS netbook by obtaining a matching, recommended Samsung usb disc drive at the same time as I purchased my GO netbook. One of my additional major problems with the ASUS was matching components to it for increase capability with my limited computer capability. My hope is that by matching all necessary equipment during this upgrade my new system should work together flawlessly.

I digitally purchased a Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner for operation in the nerd cave followed by the rest of the bungalow if possible.
There is something intriguing in having a self-directing, robotic vacuum cleaner in operation---Since I am disappointed so by our present future---no jetpacks, no driving to London in a plastic tube beneath the Atlantic Ocean, no Mars colonies---the one item we baby boomers actually accomplished in the supposed tomorrow-tomorrow land projected for my personal future by scientists of the 1950's--- is the robotic vacuum cleaner and I want one!
The Roomba model I have picked is the workshop Robot--according to the reviews this model cleans better, works on hardwood floors, is good at dog hair, and is the cheapest model in the line. Apparently you find this rascal up--it first memorizes your floor plan and furniture placement and then goes to vacuuming free of human guidance. There maybe no commuting to work by jetpack for me....but our house will be maintained by a robot staff.

This material will without a doubt contribute to my rather unique.... hermit-geek-bizarre little world I create for myself...of which in some ways I am very proud. If the world does not fit it to do so.

From the equality of rights springs identity of our highest interests; you cannot subvert your neighbor's rights without striking a dangerous blow at your own.
Carl Schurz

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