Sunday, December 27, 2009

We spent the holidays in sublime seclusion....working on small projects, setting up for the new was most excellent.

The odds of you being involved/killed in a terrorist incident are over 10.4 million to one...yes that is correct----- TEN point FOUR MILLION TO ONE...based on all recorded terror attacks and related deaths---so why do you give away your freedom to guys like this bozo and organizations like DHS? By the way your chances of being hit by lightening are 1 in 500,000 if that makes you feel better or should we hired 10,000 lightening police?

In China they would have executed the balloon parents and sold their organs on the black market.

Keep track of a pack of Arctic Wolves movements during the winter at wolfcenter. Brutus a pack leader has a satellite tracking collar and the arctic circle wolf pack's movements are tracked for the first time electronically--very cool they cover tremendous distances, I mean they really cover ground...

A very interesting graphic site displaying world population and the population of the dead. Currently there are more people alive in Asia than have died in the entire history of the world?

Palin----the redneck's undying political hope for the future----- daughter's latest go around in the illegitimate child custody fight---"I like her she's Juuust like us--yup!"A pit bull with lipstick is right--in so far as the pit bull is the official trailer trash dog.

My MpG averages have dropped somewhat with the drop in temperature in New Mexico. I have been running 49.1 to 50.1 mpg averages over the past two weeks. ]My prius needs servicing and a good inside and outside cleaning due to the snowy/shitty weather we've been having..... An upside to this was that
I recently discovered a very cool website ECCOMODDER.COM focusing on cheap hacks to your high mileage vehicle to make it an even higher mileage vehicle. The site features how to articles on boat tails, pizza pan hubcaps etc. All hacks allow the vehicle in question to show massive increases in MPG numbers...if you're into denying the Bush and Saudi conspiracy funding this is something for you!

If you've never read any of my stuff before let me assure you i am the complete opposite of religious. I believe much like Bill Moyer that believing in fairy tales designed to keep you feeding priests is a stupid way to go through life. That being said my disbelief has never kept me from watching a good, and let me repeat that good, meaning unusual-bizarre-strange angel movie. There have not been a great deal of these types of movies made---the grandfather of them all being the Prophecy with Christopher Walken of course. I love it when Walken's Gabriel calls humans "Monkey Boy" with the perfect amount of disdain in his voice......Angels displayed as really sweet beings is a recent circumstance---we tend to forget about the fact that angels were considered God's special forces and usually came to earth to burn your hooch down and kill your children---yeah we forget about that part---not really too appealing is it? Bubba probably wouldn't pray to see a real angel---cause he'd pretty much get his head cut off if one did show up. Every wonder why Catholics pray to Saints and not to Angels for help....I was raised Catholic and there's allot of shit we know about that you speakers in tongues and holy rollers have no idea about....We know for help you call on a saint---to kick ass you call for an angel....This is stuff only we know and if you doubt me remember, nobody calls the Protestants for you when you need an exorcism do they?

A new crop of movies are released that display this original depiction of angels and what their jobs are really like. Legion a movie I have written on previously is either out or due out shortly----lots of guns and tattoo's on our angels in this one.

Gabriel--- is an under the radar movie I watched streaming video on netflicks the other night which is astoundingly excellent---I was amazed that the film got only 2 stars on it's netflicks rating and did my best to fix that! Basically Gabriel has been sent to purgatory to fight the forces of darkness and allow God back...other angels have tried and have either been defeated or corrupted---stunningly filmed, an excellent plot, big action with guns, knives, hand to hand combat,and goth like Sin-City backgrounds make this a great movie---unless you believe the pablum about angels that is churned out by cable preachers these days...if you understand that Angels are bad asses---take a chance and rent or watch Gabriel--you won't be disappointed.

I have always been one of those meeting doodlers---I'm listening---sometimes--- but I have to draw.When I doodle I actually do sketch--a combination of geometric figures and complex little worlds---I always think of them much like the little world in the locker in MIB. A year ago this habit developed into something else when during a meeting a person leaned over and told me i was really talented and my little worlds, were really art. I started drawing at home after that comment, when i had the time, I picked up some manga markers coloring and started combining my drawn little worlds with photographs that interested me. At any rate, I started to sketch and do art. Now by sketching I don't mean I sit in front of a building and draw it---I just draw what's in my brain at the moment---lots of patterns are always there. Nothing I do is intended to be a representation of something real.
It is just a way of expressing myself in a manner I have never done before in my life.....This year I decided to make it a news years resolution to draw more often and to develop and carry with me a small sketching/watercolor/marker kit in my messenger bag. I sort of promised myself to develop this interest further and see what happens. The thing I enjoy about drawing/sketching/coloring is that I can work on different drawings at different times and if I get---well stuck, so to say, I can tack it to my bulletin board and finish it when I have a good concept of what to do. This sort of suits me as I move onto drawing something else.

Tonight I ordered a black nylon pen and pad pouch, a couple of new pens and mechanical pencils, sketch books etc....all downsized to fit in my messenger bag and to have with me for when I want to do something. I found several tiny watercolor paint kits as well that I may look into having on hand. Prowling the web I find that there is an organization (of course there is an organization for everything isn't there?) for people like me--called urban sketchers...

I like the concept, sort of like urban guerrilla gardening! Small notebook art done just for the internal pleasure to the drawererrr...( I cannot bring myself to use the artist word). This entire concept appeals to me on so many Monk like levels...first tiny things in kits--cool---moleskine notebooks---cool---neat pens and mechanical pencils---cool----art in motion-----------cool--- it's something new for my little world but i am enjoying it greatly.

Tokyo homeless "blue tarp houses"

I gave away about $500.00 over the holidays. Not to those charities whose directors ride in limos to disasters----but to people who stopped by the house looking for work or who asked.
I've heard all the crap about how panhandlers just buy dope blahblahblah--who cares--- at least it is going direct in their hands instead of paying salaries to staff having conventions and seminars on how to help those in trouble------and when I give money there is no strings attached such as being required to fake finding jesus....Some I just gave--some money was supposedly a "loan" but both the borrower and I knew that there was no chance for it to come back....I gave it anyway. Wall street may feel that the depression is over---but they are the only ones...maybe it's because their gated neighborhoods their private security force won't allow people to ring their bell and ask for work.

Men for the sake of getting a living forget to live.
Margaret Fuller

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