Sunday, January 03, 2010

I am taking off two weeks from work in the middle of the winter starting next monday. Not the usual American style vacation but just to be off. I've had it with work and people for a while, I need a break.

I am planning on accomplishing internal processes, get centered, come to grips with mental circumstances i have been wrestling with and to relax.

In the south you can tattoo your kids, God says so...

We are a worthless society--take a look at the 10" tall, single weed plant that sent this mother and son to jail, again in the south of course...that's some mighty fine police work there...disgusting

Homeless in cyberpunk Japan is tough:

I have been doing art again. Happily. There's been no required force to do on my part, even tho it is one of my New Years resolutions. I recently ordered Art supplies, pens, markers, watercolors and also built a traveling sketch kit based on the black folio below..This little sketch kit fits nicely in my messenger bag.
If people allow, there may be the occasional quiet, lunch at the coffee shop and I might be able to take advantage and draw.I have a very,very small watercolor kit in route as well. Once everything comes in I will photograph the entire kit and present it here.
I also obtained a Lamry fountain pen and mechanical pencil in bright,bright yellow both of which i am mad about.
I enjoy drawing/sketching/doodling, coloring--- what ever you may call it. The concept is very restful for rules other than what i make.

I've changed around the supplies in this little folio to suit me....

A project I'm finally undertaking is the purchase of what I call "birth control hubcaps" for my Prius. These are actually Bonneville Salt flats racing wheel covers designed to reduce wind resistance at the wheel. I had been planning to purchase a set of these for the longest time and constantly let the idea slip away from me. I finally ordered a set this weekend. One of the problems I encountered was that my prius has mag wheels and I didn't know for sure if these press on covers would work on a mag. Everybody and their brother has told me they will but I'll simply have to try them and if they do not work return them which I hate.At least I'm in motion on this project---I'll save additional mpg, reduce Saudi and the Bush's profit on a larger scale all the while passing the--- "are you a nerd test"-----they'll really make the Prius look like the car of the future.

A man paints with his brains and not with his hands.

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