Monday, January 18, 2010

I thought I would provide follow through information on projects I have discussed here in public. I'd hate for you to think that I just talk instead of accomplishing anything.....I have been off for two weeks and I have spent considerable time on my projects/experiments that I plotted out. I managed to physically work on several projects I had in my brain for quite some time. It feels very good to purge these projects out of my grey matter.
There is nothing more important in the world than follow through! Without follow through our greatest plans, ideas, concepts and hacks lie unused within our brains....
There are one or two items I still need to accomplish----contact our local power company about buying back some of the solar power I am producing....Clean and organize our supply shed...mentally and physically prepare for the return to the work world. I'll finish these items up before the end of the week.
I have had some type of cold while I've been off--the kinda that seems to stick around and refuses to leave. That up and down, better and then sicker type of thing---but I have really tried not to let it get in the way.

I am still sketching every chance I get.....these are a few of my most recent attempts above and below this entry....still enjoying this activity and hoping to keep this up even if I am a juvenile styled sketcher....I am surprised to find how calming drawing/sketching is----it also appears to allow me to loose myself in it.
I have to see if I keep up with this endeavor over the long term...i think doing this will have a good effect on me overall. Doing more art was one of my New Year's resolutions....

AHA! My little Roomba Dirt Dog works like a champ....this robotic sweeper (not a vacuum) is perfect for our little house with all wood or tile floors! It has definitely exceeded all my expectations. Dust, dirt, dog hair, and just nasty, floor crap gets scooped up as this little boy works it's way around our rooms.
I've found the best process is to close the roomba into a room, and just let it do it's thing. It does get caught up on a piece of furniture now and again but not enough to make you crazy fixing it. I wanted one of these for years but JoJo was hesitant about the concept, now she loves it. I won't ever be without one again! Besides doing such a good job I have to admit I feel like Klatoo ( obscure reference from the movie day The Earth Stood Still).... when I turn on my killer robot to clean the house.

This week I adapted a set of Bonneville Salt Flats hubcaps to "fit" my Prius
(i hope).... during this vacation along with washing and cleaning the baby this was one of the big goals. Above and below are photographs to prove it actually happened.....It took me about an hour per hubcap to make these fit. The results seem to be worth the effort however. The Prius looks really sharp with these on. Sort of like a shuttle craft for the Enterprise or the true car of the future we were all promised back in the 50's and 60's.... Looks was not the reason behind this project, I hope to actually get a mileage increase, although a small one I'm sure, by decreasing wind resistance at the wheels. The overall appealing factor to me in the process is the attempt to reduce personal oil consumption even further--and of course to screw Chaney and the Saudis and all the rest of the oil consortium. I believe it is our responsibility to be personally prepared for the next gasoline price rise or possible shortages. It is my small, continual attempt towards independence. If everyone of us increased our MPG and produced a little of our own electric power for our residences.... what a difference that would make overall.

Alas, after a certain age every man is responsible for his face.
Albert Camus

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