Saturday, January 30, 2010

I have been relatively pleased with myself lately. I am living up to my to do list expectations---working on my art, photography, staying organized----and reading. I've been hanging out alone much more which pleases me....taking my daily coffee shop break with a book. I might even work up the courage to bring my kit and sketch in there one day. I am currently reading THE GREAT GAMBLE, a history of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Watching the SF movies Pandorum and Moon this weekend.
The past few weeks here have been daily alternating pleasant weather with winter storms which is unpleasant---be one way or be another, you know? I still have zero success with the electric company in contacting anyone or discovering how to sell back electricity from my solar panels, so soon I will buy 4 additional panels and hook all 8 up to my residence with or without the electric company's permission---I've tried my best...they can therefore bite me.
My recent vacation helped me attain balance at work this week---although I constantly wonder how long the effect will last? At least there was one week of proper, human type balance I suppose. The household is clean, happy and organized. Therefore so am I.

Clutched in the grip of winter we are still trying----last week we planted blueberry bushes, raspberry bushes and grape vines for wine at the homestead. The only real thing we can do right now is plan, lay out seeds, start some plants indoors and wait for the coming of spring.
JoJo and I have agreed that there will be no farmers market for us this coming year...a little too weird, with too many rules. We will just give away our excess to those who need or want it. Having Saturday mornings free allows for more gardening time anyway.

Predator 2010, which is either currently filming or just completed has started filtering out to the web. There has been much discussion on this film based on can a re-make of any classic hold up to SF geek (like myself) expectations.
I believe that any film can live up to and exceed expectations...we humans only remember those that do not. Predator movies are now a genre like westerns. They need not be specific to one script track line or another...they are stand alone now, risen above the sequel status.
The leaked script for P2010 involves Predator abduction of outstanding human hunting stock from earth to a Predator planet-- soldiers, serial killers, criminals etc are hunted for sport and ritual....Adrien Brody is the featured character as an SAS operative abducted from Afghanistan. The supposed release date is July 7th 2010. My motto is "any Predator movie is better than no Predator movie" if you have to have a motto----what a DVD night this is going to make.

I agree with this piece on the ultimate doom of our economy.

8 in 10 Americans support Medical Marijuana---my back hurts you know.

Pretty scary--an active map tracking the rise of unemployment across the US by date. Watch it and weep.

If love it or leave it was the law---it would be pretty lonely around here right now

Oh yeah they just love us......

Awful weather has resulted in weekly lower Prius MPG figures...In New Mexico it has become routine this winter that the week will start out with beautiful weather and 55.6 MPG figures and by Thursday or Friday, snow, rain and cold not only makes the commute terrible but kills my MPG down to 46.8. I have discovered that weather closely follows driving technique as the major influence on MPG results. The weather cannot be controlled however... so my mileage over the past few weeks has been consistency and closely following weather reports is now a big part of being Hybrid Boy.

Democracy is the art and science of running the circus from the monkey cage.
H. L. Mencken

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