Friday, February 27, 2009

Due to another week of disturbing news on the economy I am about to produce a very Burt Gummer like blog---so hang on----survivalists are capable of mating within the self-sustainability culture without producing a mule. I will be preaching the virtues of self-sustainability....
No matter what the talking heads on CNN advise or how hard Obama and the current administration works on our problems
the overall factors that remain no matter how detailed and confusing the explanations/excuses are:

The banking industry is destroyed and corrupt.

The auto industry is destroyed and corrupt.

Wall Street is destroyed and corrupt.

The Republican Party is destroyed and corrupt.

Unemployment nation wide and world wide is rising with no end in sight causing instability from China to Iceland.

Mexico is basically involved in a Civil War at the moment which is receiving very, very little news attention in the US.

Be worried----but just don't worry---- think, plan and prepare....
I shudder to think of what the situation would be without Obama. Can you imagine either Bush still in charge or the McCain/Palin team in the white house? Considering the concept makes one rapidly approach the projectile vomit stage.
No matter what we do or fix right now---just over the horizon (according to all the experts) lies inflation, peak oil, and the forced downsizing of the US economy and overall ability to support the type and style of society we have produced....the mentally deficient refuse to admit that the United States is already a second tier country--we hide behind soundbite rhetoric to disguise the slide of this nation into a trailer park armed with nuclear weapons. Just as a reality check compare the capitol of any European Nation's airport with JFK or Dulles---ours are dirty, poorly maintained, old, trashed and on their last structural legs compared to any of the European flagship airports. This comparison actually makes it appear as if we lost WW2..I've done this in person and it is absolutely true and the process of our decline has been in progress for the past 20 years! This tiny reality check is only a very small example that can be applied across the board. We as a nation are dangerously close and possibly in an unreverisable slide into 3rd world status and the worse is yet to come...

We all need to become more Burt Gummer like---not from fear but for our own best interests to deal with our futures---how do i do this you may ask?
Invest in home solar panels---they are better than money in the bank at the moment--obtain the highest mileage vehicle you can, build gardens and learn how to plant and store the vegetables you grow, pay off any and all debt you may have as fast as you can and then stay away from banks altogether. Buy big bags of rice and red beans to have in stock--be sure to have water purification tabs on hand and 12 days of MRE's to cover short term upcoming emergencies.
Research and study authors specializing on the path the world is taking--a world where the US is in a 2nd/3rd level status in the world and how you will be forced to live and deal with what is coming culturally---plan for it. Don't be surprised by it...almost all of them advise learning an viable non-information age skill--an old timey be able to barter with to your neighbors, since the projections from many quarters are that we will become a local economy again. Buying and trading with our neighbors as it was in the 1880's because with the undeniable shut off of oil in our future it will be the 1880's again.

I'm just going to give out opinion now with no excuses---i do not believe the world will turn into some kind of cheezy survivalist movie---which is has lots of guns and guys dressed up in black leather---nahhhh it's not going to be like that---the rich will be rich and protected by a hired government---there will ups and downs in services and supply---we'll be more like the old soviet union---standing in line for hard to get items---gas---food stuffs---we will depend on locally produced/grown products and foodstuffs---sold at local open markets mostly through trading. It does not matter if you are rural or urban---getting by will not depend on any survivalist backwoods retreat sort of thing---in fact that would be the worst thing you could do---solar panels work just as well off an apartment balcony---and vegetables grown just as well on a rooftop garden---will there be a breakdown in police services---yeah---people will have to take care of there own---but no worst case scenario thing---just as hospitals will become a place of last resort if you are sick and your relatives will have to feed you there--we will in my opinion simply see intuitions we have become used to slowly disappear until one day we notice they are gone---this will primarily cause an enormous mental and physical destruction to those who are overly dependent on our current societal structure or those who refuse to recognise and understand where the world is going and refuse to adapt. I am not, repeat, I AM NOT one of those weirdo's who enjoys this concept---i am merely stating my thoughts and beliefs on our future...there will be a considerable time period where we as a nation could still be able to bomb a country 10,000 miles away into the stone age---but not be able to get a package from New York city to LA. I guess the question I am still working on is quite possibly the most important one---When all is said and done will we as a society actually be better off after we fall from the pedestal???---- I've thought about it alot---really alot--- and i just don't know --- sometimes we must chew off our own feet to get out of life's little traps and this may be one of those times---i'd like to think that the destruction of the MAC culture---MacJobs, MacMansions, MacPolitics, MacPeople, MacSkills---that turning oout the lights may help us as human beings? I really do not know us well enough any longer to answer this question yet---
but we'll find out....that i am sure of....unfortunately....

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Do you recall the Republican "Revolution" of 1994 that started all this--directly leading to the Bush years? I think the Revolution the Republicans are going to receive will be way-way-way different than what their original plan entailed!
I do not believe that anyone---not even Sheldon, (from BIG BANG THEORY) is smart enough to figure out exactly how fucked we are as a nation post-Bush. The public at large feels much like young Hogwaller in the movie O' Brother---"you boys bankers? Daddy sez i can shoot any banker that appears!" People listened to the flim flam of others rather than following the truth that simple is better...trusting in believing that what i have is enough---that there is nothing whatsoever wrong with being a good man among good men----it has never been more true that----YOU CANNOT CHEAT AN HONEST MAN----the individuals and firms caught up in this whirlwind--all of them---self created our economic depression by wanting something for nothing---big profits--without working for them---zero planning for the future---no care or concern for the welfare of employee's or the public whatsoever---(as evidence i give you the Peanut CEO)---no care for the viability of the social system which protected them---with an overriding addiction to make money by any means necessary....egged on and protected by the Bush-Cheney imps and demons of the Republican Party.....may they all freeze in the dark beneath an overpass after eviction from their MacMansions and prosecution. I feel that right at the moment Obama is the only element holding this patchwork of disaster together at all---scary stuff eh?
Here's a link to a lecture given at the Long Now foundation on the similarities between the collapse of the Soviet Union and our current's very interesting.

NASA is accepting votes at their website to name the new habitat module which will be transported/attached to the International Space Station very soon....This module is also the coolest yet with a projecting cupola allowing for unrestricted views of the earth and the station itself----you MUST go to the NASA site and vote to name the module--SERENITY....if you do not understand the importance of this to us BROWNCOATS you are not geek enough to be reading my site so go away! Go now, vote now! The name SERENITY is leading with 82% of the popular vote!

One again the wisdom of owning my Prius and my Segway come to the front as State Governments begin the process of increasing gasoline taxes to increase revenue----some states are discussing tripling the taxes on a gallon of gasoline....I must admit that i actually never saw this coming---(however planning ahead for sustainability works for me no matter what the government throws about)----although i accept that soon the price of gasoline will rebound to somewhere around $6.00 per gallon. It will either be that or the oil companies will be the next industry crying for bail-out money--
i just received notice that our electric bill is to rise by 43% (thank God for my solar panels) There is something new to me that i just read about called guerrilla solar where you do not link your panels to the grid but merely plug in a regular line from your inverter into any of your home outlet's and the meter runs backward??? i need to investigate this somewhat---my system at the moment is too small to tie to the grid but guerrilla solar is a distinct possibility..
I have yet to regret anything that i have done to create my island of urban sustainability--there is nothing that i have done that has not paid off one way or another---and yes i do feel good about it--na-na-na-ne-nah-na.

Reading: WORLD MADE BY HAND--James Kunstler---Outstanding--i recommend....
Watching: The Big Bang Theory--1st season on DVD---most excellent---just gotta love Sheldon
Listening to: The Bourne Ultimatum soundtrack--locked in on track 15 in the Prius player on---- EXTREME WAYS.....
Buying: Batman and Hellboy action figures---for the nerdcave. I have suddenly gotten into action figures i have no idea why? Second Childhood?
That about sums up my week other than painting the back porch in preparation for the spring season---
plant trees---it is scientifically proven that people living in close quarters with trees are happier---don't believe me?
plan out a methodology to survive the upcoming hard times--start thinking about it now--it will pay off. Get a solar charger for your cellphone--it will make you happy---bring your lunch to work--it tastes better...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I've become addicted to watching the news, the talking heads, blah-blah-blahing on the self-destruction of our national economy......Obama gets it---as do a few others in congress---but there seems to be a big "i just don't know" factor when i think about what's going on--a friend of mine just drove to Oklahoma to visit relatives and advised that the one item he noticed immediately was that there was hardly any 18 wheeled trucks on the road. The usual, constant, pack of semi trucks you would encounter on every road trip of any duration had disappeared...there is apparently not a lot of material in motion---interesting.....

My all time favorite car---a vehicle i can only hope to own before i die, the 1955 Citroen DS, has been named the most beautiful car EVER Created by a panel of the foremost car designers in the world! I know these cars are a mechanical problem for us here in the United States--but Damn--how cool is this?

I agree whole heartedly with the panel---this car was so out ahead of it's time when production began---and what other car from 1955 appears as if it should be driving our streets right now? I would have to say that my Prius would immediately be traded in on one of these if it were possible..sorry my little hybrid....but then again there's a zero chance of that happening.

The best work in small house architecture is being produced in Japan. The concept of the MacMansion, and the push by both greedy contractors and banks for the consumer to purchase more space than what one needs was one of the major downfalls that destroyed the American bubble economy. Here are a few samples from a site called Kirainet

Just little things with a big impact that caught my attention on the net this week:
United Airlines disconnects it's customer complaint phone line---This means that United will be the first zero complaint airline--
The Japanese believe in something disproved 100 years ago---
California is in deep shit---
but at least they are thinking outside the box:
I did not realize Buddhist Monks did dental work?
They hunt us without rest:

I have many many strange technical interests. One of which is a focus reel to reel tape recorders--I own two, big old reel to reels right now along with two Marantz portable, professional cassette recorders..When i was a kid reel to reel was the ultimate status symbol when it came to stereo was Hugh Hefner bachelor pad stuff you know? Just because it's old doesn't mean it's not technically wondrous----Here's a site, called J-CORDER that not only repairs and rehabilitates your reel to reel deck, but PIMPS it as well. This is most excellent if you are a tape head...Pimp my reel to reel!

No luck so far with actually finding the Timex Expedition WS-4 Digital watch...geek sites are displaying photographs of this newly released watch all over the web---but it is nowhere to be actually purchased it seems...Timex is actually approaching the state of coolness...
My search for information on the elusive Science Fiction film OUTLANDER continues----no news on a DVD release yet but i did locate the most excellent movie trailers linked below on youtube---the film seems to be a cut above what i actually have been expecting in terms of money spent,(some say it cost 50 million to make) visuals and overall concept---one of the coolest items displayed is the humanoid alien has wearable, retractable armor---something i find fascinating---the last time i saw something like this was in the incredibly awful LOST IN SPACE the automatic body armor was the best part of that film....following an unknown film before release, Otaku like, is a fun thing to do---i did it with BABYALON AD and it's much like finding a cool hidden little shop that no one knows about yet.

Take control of the things you can---go to the library sit and read a magazine in the quiet---watch anime---walk your dog around the neighborhood and talk to your neighbors...on occasion relax your brain....

Friday, February 06, 2009

Anyone with intelligence is hanging by a thread waiting to see what our imbecile government representatives are going to do to the stimulus package presented by Obama...i really am beginning to think that O got the short end of the stick winning----it may be too late for our system....too late to stop our descent to third world status---having one guy like Obama is not going to be enough since no one else in power seems to really understand----what we need to have happen other than O----this week will determine if it is game over for us as a society and culture....or not.

I've just received Cyberabad Days by Ian McDonald--(his follow up book on India of 2047)----recording and watching every rerun of the Soprano's on A&E, much like the X-files i am the last human to become addicted to this series....i have also just received my copy of the DVD directors cut collector edition Afro Samurai Resurrection for my anime collection---on a personal level I've been refining my daily carry equipment and overall environment at home--I just restocked books and DVDs...i have to do that every so often to quiet my brain--I've been searching for information on this new Timex expedition watch and cannot find anything definitive...this rascal is huge if the photo is true and has a ton of stuff that it is capable of doing----I'm on the hunt....

This i find actually very satisfying from a very,very, selfish perspective---the Massachusetts public health commissioner wishes to tax candy and soda like cigarettes--sin tax you know! So as i have repeatedly said Fat people are next on the agenda of repression. i like the idea--no one stepped forward for smokers rights--so normally i would be ranting and raving against this repression but tough shit---so hey----fat people you are next to get hammered---remember this----it will not be long before you are standing outside in the cold with me---exiled---eating your mars bars with the a good wind break tho when you think abut it--------soon however they will not even want to see you fat one---which means you'll be banished to the fat folks, parking lot purgatory FOREVER---it's lonely and cold out here---get used to it.
Speaking of smoking--- President Obama stated in an interview that he has not smoked on the grounds of the white house----ok---so i know what that means---yeah right?----leave the poor guy alone about smoking--- the idea that he fires a cigarette up every once in awhile----get over it---

We are in the process of pre-spring organization. It's been an incredibly warm and dry winter in my zone of new mexico. Almost two inches of precipitation below the standard for this time of year---which is not at all wet under the best circumstances. We have started eggplant and tomato seedlings indoors under grow lights in the studio and have sprouts and hopefully will have young plants to put out in April---i have become incredibly focused on gardening over the past two years due to my vision of the economic and social situation that was and is coming---although many like my wife and I have prepared as best we can---- the US population for the most part now face sudden, ugly truths as to what Bush agenda did to them personally and their society.
The ability to grow a portion of one's own food supply in an urban environment will be of paramount importance in the future. Be it through community gardens, local truck farms, or on an individual basis---My wife and i have built our system based not only on producing vegetables we will need to supplement our food supply---but to continue to do this as we face old age---social security is not at all being discussed in the Washington bru-ha-ha but basically it is dead for those of us in our late 50' just will not be there. We are planning and organizing ourselves around the concept that the garden will have to be done, if we want to eat, no matter what our age or physical condition will be in both the immediate and long term future.

Don't take all societal stupidity lying down---work on clearing your debts---redefine your lifestyle---enjoy the smaller things of life--support your local community because soon we will all depend on the each other nearby to produce instead of china---don't waste resources--it will make you feel better--learn a new skill set promoting self-sufficiency.