Friday, February 06, 2009

Anyone with intelligence is hanging by a thread waiting to see what our imbecile government representatives are going to do to the stimulus package presented by Obama...i really am beginning to think that O got the short end of the stick winning----it may be too late for our system....too late to stop our descent to third world status---having one guy like Obama is not going to be enough since no one else in power seems to really understand----what we need to have happen other than O----this week will determine if it is game over for us as a society and culture....or not.

I've just received Cyberabad Days by Ian McDonald--(his follow up book on India of 2047)----recording and watching every rerun of the Soprano's on A&E, much like the X-files i am the last human to become addicted to this series....i have also just received my copy of the DVD directors cut collector edition Afro Samurai Resurrection for my anime collection---on a personal level I've been refining my daily carry equipment and overall environment at home--I just restocked books and DVDs...i have to do that every so often to quiet my brain--I've been searching for information on this new Timex expedition watch and cannot find anything definitive...this rascal is huge if the photo is true and has a ton of stuff that it is capable of doing----I'm on the hunt....

This i find actually very satisfying from a very,very, selfish perspective---the Massachusetts public health commissioner wishes to tax candy and soda like cigarettes--sin tax you know! So as i have repeatedly said Fat people are next on the agenda of repression. i like the idea--no one stepped forward for smokers rights--so normally i would be ranting and raving against this repression but tough shit---so hey----fat people you are next to get hammered---remember this----it will not be long before you are standing outside in the cold with me---exiled---eating your mars bars with the a good wind break tho when you think abut it--------soon however they will not even want to see you fat one---which means you'll be banished to the fat folks, parking lot purgatory FOREVER---it's lonely and cold out here---get used to it.
Speaking of smoking--- President Obama stated in an interview that he has not smoked on the grounds of the white house----ok---so i know what that means---yeah right?----leave the poor guy alone about smoking--- the idea that he fires a cigarette up every once in awhile----get over it---

We are in the process of pre-spring organization. It's been an incredibly warm and dry winter in my zone of new mexico. Almost two inches of precipitation below the standard for this time of year---which is not at all wet under the best circumstances. We have started eggplant and tomato seedlings indoors under grow lights in the studio and have sprouts and hopefully will have young plants to put out in April---i have become incredibly focused on gardening over the past two years due to my vision of the economic and social situation that was and is coming---although many like my wife and I have prepared as best we can---- the US population for the most part now face sudden, ugly truths as to what Bush agenda did to them personally and their society.
The ability to grow a portion of one's own food supply in an urban environment will be of paramount importance in the future. Be it through community gardens, local truck farms, or on an individual basis---My wife and i have built our system based not only on producing vegetables we will need to supplement our food supply---but to continue to do this as we face old age---social security is not at all being discussed in the Washington bru-ha-ha but basically it is dead for those of us in our late 50' just will not be there. We are planning and organizing ourselves around the concept that the garden will have to be done, if we want to eat, no matter what our age or physical condition will be in both the immediate and long term future.

Don't take all societal stupidity lying down---work on clearing your debts---redefine your lifestyle---enjoy the smaller things of life--support your local community because soon we will all depend on the each other nearby to produce instead of china---don't waste resources--it will make you feel better--learn a new skill set promoting self-sufficiency.

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