Saturday, February 21, 2009

Do you recall the Republican "Revolution" of 1994 that started all this--directly leading to the Bush years? I think the Revolution the Republicans are going to receive will be way-way-way different than what their original plan entailed!
I do not believe that anyone---not even Sheldon, (from BIG BANG THEORY) is smart enough to figure out exactly how fucked we are as a nation post-Bush. The public at large feels much like young Hogwaller in the movie O' Brother---"you boys bankers? Daddy sez i can shoot any banker that appears!" People listened to the flim flam of others rather than following the truth that simple is better...trusting in believing that what i have is enough---that there is nothing whatsoever wrong with being a good man among good men----it has never been more true that----YOU CANNOT CHEAT AN HONEST MAN----the individuals and firms caught up in this whirlwind--all of them---self created our economic depression by wanting something for nothing---big profits--without working for them---zero planning for the future---no care or concern for the welfare of employee's or the public whatsoever---(as evidence i give you the Peanut CEO)---no care for the viability of the social system which protected them---with an overriding addiction to make money by any means necessary....egged on and protected by the Bush-Cheney imps and demons of the Republican Party.....may they all freeze in the dark beneath an overpass after eviction from their MacMansions and prosecution. I feel that right at the moment Obama is the only element holding this patchwork of disaster together at all---scary stuff eh?
Here's a link to a lecture given at the Long Now foundation on the similarities between the collapse of the Soviet Union and our current's very interesting.

NASA is accepting votes at their website to name the new habitat module which will be transported/attached to the International Space Station very soon....This module is also the coolest yet with a projecting cupola allowing for unrestricted views of the earth and the station itself----you MUST go to the NASA site and vote to name the module--SERENITY....if you do not understand the importance of this to us BROWNCOATS you are not geek enough to be reading my site so go away! Go now, vote now! The name SERENITY is leading with 82% of the popular vote!

One again the wisdom of owning my Prius and my Segway come to the front as State Governments begin the process of increasing gasoline taxes to increase revenue----some states are discussing tripling the taxes on a gallon of gasoline....I must admit that i actually never saw this coming---(however planning ahead for sustainability works for me no matter what the government throws about)----although i accept that soon the price of gasoline will rebound to somewhere around $6.00 per gallon. It will either be that or the oil companies will be the next industry crying for bail-out money--
i just received notice that our electric bill is to rise by 43% (thank God for my solar panels) There is something new to me that i just read about called guerrilla solar where you do not link your panels to the grid but merely plug in a regular line from your inverter into any of your home outlet's and the meter runs backward??? i need to investigate this somewhat---my system at the moment is too small to tie to the grid but guerrilla solar is a distinct possibility..
I have yet to regret anything that i have done to create my island of urban sustainability--there is nothing that i have done that has not paid off one way or another---and yes i do feel good about it--na-na-na-ne-nah-na.

Reading: WORLD MADE BY HAND--James Kunstler---Outstanding--i recommend....
Watching: The Big Bang Theory--1st season on DVD---most excellent---just gotta love Sheldon
Listening to: The Bourne Ultimatum soundtrack--locked in on track 15 in the Prius player on---- EXTREME WAYS.....
Buying: Batman and Hellboy action figures---for the nerdcave. I have suddenly gotten into action figures i have no idea why? Second Childhood?
That about sums up my week other than painting the back porch in preparation for the spring season---
plant trees---it is scientifically proven that people living in close quarters with trees are happier---don't believe me?
plan out a methodology to survive the upcoming hard times--start thinking about it now--it will pay off. Get a solar charger for your cellphone--it will make you happy---bring your lunch to work--it tastes better...

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