Thursday, February 12, 2009

I've become addicted to watching the news, the talking heads, blah-blah-blahing on the self-destruction of our national economy......Obama gets it---as do a few others in congress---but there seems to be a big "i just don't know" factor when i think about what's going on--a friend of mine just drove to Oklahoma to visit relatives and advised that the one item he noticed immediately was that there was hardly any 18 wheeled trucks on the road. The usual, constant, pack of semi trucks you would encounter on every road trip of any duration had disappeared...there is apparently not a lot of material in motion---interesting.....

My all time favorite car---a vehicle i can only hope to own before i die, the 1955 Citroen DS, has been named the most beautiful car EVER Created by a panel of the foremost car designers in the world! I know these cars are a mechanical problem for us here in the United States--but Damn--how cool is this?

I agree whole heartedly with the panel---this car was so out ahead of it's time when production began---and what other car from 1955 appears as if it should be driving our streets right now? I would have to say that my Prius would immediately be traded in on one of these if it were possible..sorry my little hybrid....but then again there's a zero chance of that happening.

The best work in small house architecture is being produced in Japan. The concept of the MacMansion, and the push by both greedy contractors and banks for the consumer to purchase more space than what one needs was one of the major downfalls that destroyed the American bubble economy. Here are a few samples from a site called Kirainet

Just little things with a big impact that caught my attention on the net this week:
United Airlines disconnects it's customer complaint phone line---This means that United will be the first zero complaint airline--
The Japanese believe in something disproved 100 years ago---
California is in deep shit---
but at least they are thinking outside the box:
I did not realize Buddhist Monks did dental work?
They hunt us without rest:

I have many many strange technical interests. One of which is a focus reel to reel tape recorders--I own two, big old reel to reels right now along with two Marantz portable, professional cassette recorders..When i was a kid reel to reel was the ultimate status symbol when it came to stereo was Hugh Hefner bachelor pad stuff you know? Just because it's old doesn't mean it's not technically wondrous----Here's a site, called J-CORDER that not only repairs and rehabilitates your reel to reel deck, but PIMPS it as well. This is most excellent if you are a tape head...Pimp my reel to reel!

No luck so far with actually finding the Timex Expedition WS-4 Digital watch...geek sites are displaying photographs of this newly released watch all over the web---but it is nowhere to be actually purchased it seems...Timex is actually approaching the state of coolness...
My search for information on the elusive Science Fiction film OUTLANDER continues----no news on a DVD release yet but i did locate the most excellent movie trailers linked below on youtube---the film seems to be a cut above what i actually have been expecting in terms of money spent,(some say it cost 50 million to make) visuals and overall concept---one of the coolest items displayed is the humanoid alien has wearable, retractable armor---something i find fascinating---the last time i saw something like this was in the incredibly awful LOST IN SPACE the automatic body armor was the best part of that film....following an unknown film before release, Otaku like, is a fun thing to do---i did it with BABYALON AD and it's much like finding a cool hidden little shop that no one knows about yet.

Take control of the things you can---go to the library sit and read a magazine in the quiet---watch anime---walk your dog around the neighborhood and talk to your neighbors...on occasion relax your brain....

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