Friday, November 20, 2009

This week was filled with visiting, reading, receiving my ordered books and action figure computing, art and of course the never ending working. All in all not a bad week---immune from the family requirements of the holiday season is wondrous--
No family=No complications.
The entire next month should be even more excellent--those that make my life miserable at work are at home making their relatives and families miserable and I am free to enjoy having no drama at work, and no requirements of my own---like a Buddhist hermit i will drift pleasantly.....till everyone comes back!

This is somewhat interesting-----an article in the Huffington Post on 18---yes-------
The 18 biggest proven lies in Sarah Palin's book---Eighteen---18 just the biggest mind you.... Now the proof is not a he said she said thing....these 18 Stories---- were in direct contrast with her previously recorded statements. So this is very interesting, either she was lying then or is she lying now. Which is it? This evidence will of course make no difference to the white trash that will buy her book---fortunately many of them are now unemployed because of republican policy they will have to wait until the book is discounted down in the dollar store. What have we come to when this pos is any kind of a public figure......

This may be old news to some but quite the discovery for me.... a film called "THE OBJECTIVE". Recommended by a friend I watched this film this past week on DVD. Your enjoyment of the film will be dependent on the condition that you are willing to overlook the ending. My belief is that the film is excellent the ending does not bother me.
Here is the basic premise. A special forces team lead by a CIA operative enters an area in Afghanistan where there has been unusual radioactive signatures detected by satellite surveillance----although it is not weapons of mass destruction and the CIA knows that it is not.......great acting, tremendous backgrounds since it was filmed in Morocco, perfect firefights and representations of an sf team in motion, the movie should be watched just for the naturalness of the actors and their characters. Find this movie and watch it if you enjoyed "Tears of the Sun" you'll like this.

My weekly averages this fall are running consistently over 50 miles per gallon. This is up from last year. Usually when the weather turns colder my Prius gets worse mileage. Due to the stupid requirement to heat the catalytic converter and the change in wind direction on my commuting path with the change of the seasons. This year the reduction in mileage has not shown up yet. I've been maintaining anywhere from 50.7 to 54.7 miles per gallon without fail and without a change in driving technique? My 2007 prius has now a total of 41,117 miles on it without a problem. All parts remain original and my only complaint is that the Plexiglas headlight covers are becoming scratched and dull from road wear and tear. Once again i can tell the Bush's and the Saudi princes to bite me.

"You know, it’s amazing how many super villains have advanced degrees. Graduate schools should probably do a better job at screening those people out."
Dr. Sheldon Cooper

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