Thursday, November 26, 2009

I have purposefully kept myself isolated from our sad excuse for a culture recently.
Being isolated from the ship of fools our nation has become is good for me, good for my mind.
I have tried to stay within routines I can control----having a consistent routine assists your body and mind in coping with the world out there and staying healthy. The mind and body need anchor points to rely on...a favorite coffee shop for lunch where you are known and can get a rest stop of quiet in the middle of the workday....moments to write in personal notebooks---Good books to read-------personal experiments to work on with no time limits. Organized---clean space both at work and at home...
These and many more small anchor points I am attempting to pay attention to on a daily basis regardless of what confusion and dirt the world may throw at me. Fuck the rest of the world.
I currently have three books in the process of being read, the latest added being "The Math Book" by Clifford A. Pickover. Excellent! a compilation of the greatest Math theories by timeline through human history.
tonight is classic Science fiction night, the planned viewing is the movie THEM ------not the John Carpenter them, but the original 1950's giant ants from New Mexico attack the world THEM......

I do create my own world and enjoy it----------

Fall and winter makes everything fall apart and become disorganized and ugly................

I hate the dead brown plants, arriving home in the dark from work, the cold and dirty automobiles in the morning. Everywhere I look the world appears like a scene from the movie The Road......I never realized how much I dislike this time of year until we had our gardens---I miss them. I can see now why farmers and gardeners live for spring. I don't have the holiday hang myself mental problem---I could care about the holiday season---its just that I've just discovered that this time of year lacks beauty and organization----and there is nothing that I can really do about it other than wait----

I have random attacks of wanting to do art....this is just personal for me----I do not walk around introducing myself as the "artiste" or anything---I hang around with some "art" people but it is by accident and because I like them----not because they do bad art you know? I just do my own stuff that I hang up in my nerd cave---drawing with manga markers and some odd photography---like the header for this blog. Sometime I like to combine photography with my little drawings---During an attack of art last week I ordered a Blackbird Fly, twin lens reflex camera.
I have always wanted a twin lens reflex but the good ones were out of my price range until this camera. Analog using standard 35mm film the blackbird allows you to take sprocket to sprocket photos as displayed. I ordered five rolls of black and white film along with the camera cause my plan is to do a few things with a b&w photo surrounded by my weird stick figure drawings.....anyway I am looking forward to seeing the world through a new camera---

"I'm not insane -- my mother had me tested."
Dr. Sheldon Cooper

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