Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fall has hit with full force now---everything is brown, dead and covered with leaves in the gardens and should actually shut down from now till January 10th or so if we were honest with ourselves about the amount of business we really accomplish this time of year. We should just hunker up inside and prepare for the groundhogs----lining our burrows with stuff for the long winter sleep.

I just ordered a new action figure. Well, once again new for me.... Master Chief from Halo.
As Dr. Sheldon Cooper says "Wednesday night is Halo night". I just had the urge to buy a new figure...something for the nerd cave. A new decoration. I really am Sheldon Cooper on the Big Bang Theory not as funny tho since I am really old......I fought off that action figure feeling a couple of months ago when I was considering buying a really nice Locke (character from the LOST tv show) figure for $29.00 but pretended to be an adult and denied myself....of course this week I look that figure back up thinking of buying it and now it costs over $130.00----being an adult is very costly and not as responsible as it is cracked up to be. So Master Chief is coming soon...Action figure investing appears to be better than the stock market or treasury bonds in this depression---although it might be tough to convince JoJo to put all our money in this particular investment.

With the increase in dark hours there has been a increase in my reading---currently I am reading:
"The emperor wears no clothes, cannabis and the conspiracy against marijuana" by Jack Herer
and "A paradise built in hell" by Rebecca Solnit----the first book is self-explanatory and wonderfully written and produced, the second book is a discussion on the Utopian communities that always spring up naturally after a disaster without direction. I've been reading these along with a book called the "Ecotechnic future". When finished I'll report on all three.

I hate Daylight savings time. It is in effect and once again the boot of the man is on our necks.........the concept of changing the hours of daylight from our off time, the workers, and give it to the oppressors so that the mill owner does not have to pay for electric lights just makes me insane---we go to and leave the job in the dark! Those republican bastards whose name is on the label of everything made must even steal daylight from the pocket of the working citizen... Why is it that the state of Arizona does not have to go along with the stupidity of daylight savings time and all the rest of us have to? Where's the union when you really need it?

"Radiation burns -- a little mishap while I was building my own CAT scanner.... In fact, I was briefly able to see the inside of my sister's guinea pig, Snowball, before he caught fire. It led to an interesting expression in our house: "not a snowball's chance in a CAT scanner."

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