Thursday, August 09, 2012

Chaos and the Butterfly Effect

I never blend. I reside in New Mexico where a Ford F-450 tandem, diesel, Pickup is considered a compact----and I drive a Prius. Where everyone owns at least one Harley and pretends to be a Son of Anarchy--- me?  I ride a Segway. I just have never been able to blend where ever I have been. The best thing about growing older is now I don't even think about my failure to blend---old people are allowed to be eccentric... for the first time in my life I don't blend it's completely OK and I can finally take a breath and just be myself. 

This week was much better at work compared to last---I played a mind trick convincing myself that my co-workers were all escaped mental worked excellently. 

50.8 miles per gallon for my weekly commute average--a bit down from last week but severely hot, 111 degree,  Sirocco like headwinds on the way home dropped me 3 tenths of a mile per gallon as compared to last week.

What you see piled up here is, for us, a year’s worth of green beans, awaiting canning. Having enough green beans put away for the entire year is thanks to my wondrous wife JOJO...beautiful aren't they--I hate being right in predicting what is now becoming a general news story on unknown price increases for basic foodstuffs for this coming fall, winter, spring and early summer...none are sure of how our society will react when the truth of how very bad this year’s destructive harvest is known for sure. Our previous, Mensa President Bush, the younger, in his first term of office, sold off--completely,  the national grain reserve of our country, calming we were so good at farming now it was unnecessary to stockpile reserves for dire times. And of course his 1%er buds made incredible profits on the sale of stockpiled corn and wheat------ there is nothing now stockpiled for us to fall back on as a nation.....I have been advising since my first blog posting to store food---it is close upon us that you may need what you have personally stored to supplement available foodstuffs in late 2012 and 2013. If you have made no preparations I wish you good luck---the grasshopper and the ant fable---has never been more of a viable, educational tool.

I am working on my first 1/35th scale, military modeling diorama. There seems to be no end of detail I find necessary to accomplish---I am attempting to represent the British Army's--- 47th London Rifles during an at home military exercise around 1925...the three mutts troopers are sort of hiding out drinking tea and smoking...I have an officer figure on the way who I will place sort of standing, watching them,  before he tears their asses up for sandbagging....the Rolls Royce armored car you will be familiar with from previous postings--I've added a British Army 10hp Austin utility truck, I recently built, as a supply vehicle, cobblestone street and stone wall behind them, all mounted on a cheap picture frame....

I still have to detail the vehicles with some painting and parts, change heads on one figure---build power poles, add a fire hydrant and on and recreate a small piece of the world in detail, is, I am finding, very difficult--but the sewer grate, and manhole cover I am rather proud of...when closer to completion I will attempt to take much better photographs of the finished product--the currently posted photo is just to display the work in progress to this point.
This weekend I am planning on finishing what I can on this current diorama, while awaiting the final officer figure to arrive as well as starting on my first tank model construction---a twin turret, 1925, Vickers 6 ton experimental infantry tank. I am not planning on building a scene around this particular model--just a proper display base. I am going to have to invest in covered display cases to keep the sun and dust from destroying all this is worth it, modeling has finally allowed me to surgically remove work from my brain both on the weekends and during daily sleep.

I care absolutely nothing about cell phones. If it was not for my wife I would not carry one. She is the only person I actually call....I do not keep it close to hand on the weekend, I plug it in at the furthest corner of the house leave it there till Monday and could care if it rings.....
This creates problems with some people who apparently shower with their mobile phone on?  They think you should be available at any given moment to discuss anything mundane they think important. This unique species of human actually gets pissed off when they cannot reach you on demand.... When I retire--this bastard phone is out in the trash. 

Add Facebook-Twitter to the things i care absolutely nothing about as well..never been on them, never plan to be. The article linked below advises  that not being engaged in these electronic conversations of the stupid...would make a possible employer think that I may be a sociopath...

How many times do i have to say it Clarice? The term is:
 High Functioning Sociopath.

this should turn out well for the people who wrote it!

I have in route the below book, Mechanized Force, British tanks between the wars by David Fletcher. I paid way too much for this book which is out of print and available as used only. This is my focus area in modeling and reference material on this particular time frame is severely limited. Not many are interested in the time when clockwork, steam-punk, and clean concept warfare principles reigned-- until World War Two raised the ugly reality of death by who can produce the largest number of machines which are the most efficient at killing humans....I am really looking forward to reading this work--the only one of it's kind still available.

The Latest brilliant Government plan is to reduce the number of USDA inspectors at Chicken processing plants from the ungodly huge number of 4 at each plant to 1 at each plant. The employee's will be trained to conduct health inspections and discard diseased chicken carcasses. 
Yeah, this is for sure the way to do this--let's just give corporate poisoning completely free reign for profit shall we--let's not even keep up a pretense at attempting to keep the public's just way to much trouble to pretend. This is from an Administration that claims to be Democratic---I can't wait until the Republicans get in office.....

"Experts say you should never hit your children in anger.
When is a good time? When you're feeling festive?"
Roseanne Barr

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David Scott said...

The dergulazation of our soceity while in some aspect seems reasonable the path chosen by our goverment is of the worst scenario. - you cannot ask the fox to watch the hen house and not expect to come up short. -

We are struggling to put up food, or I should say I am.- my wife I fear tries not to think of what and probaly will turn ugly over food prices - she doea the same over gas prices- but at least we know how to eat on the cheap (or poor diet) - so I envy your preparations. -
Take care brother