Sunday, May 31, 2009

A week yet of vacation--loving it and desperately needed it--I feel like my brain is finally operating again as a complete unit---I'm working like hell internally and on the house--

Just for a dose of old style, Antonio Banderas cool, you need to watch this:
before he got Disneyfied.

The cry of Obama's turning us into socialists, makes me crazed---at work when the subject of politics comes up i get the same old weird jibes thrown at me time and time again such as:

"what you want health care like Canada?" or my personal favorite   "Obama wants to turn us into socialists and Sweden proves socialism doesn't work."
well uh--below is a link and a map displaying the 10 countries hardly even affected by the recent economic unpleasantness (we for sure are not on there)....let's see--there's Canada and oh--there's Sweden--yup we should never-ever consider being like them---how could I even discuss the fact that Canada and Sweden's political systems may have something to offer us as an example for use in our own country?  It is consistently proven to me that we are a nation with a huge population of idiots....

Here's a lady, who wanted to hand President Obama a letter, demanding that he uphold the traditional values in marriage (as in no gay marriage). Apparently when she found out she was not allowed to do this for security reasons--other traditional values, such as, lets say---not going bat-shit crazy in public did not seem too important to her?  This photograph below pretty much sums up the anti element in the United States--you know the type, anti-gay marriage, anti-abortion, anti-immigration, anti-legalization of marijuana....they all claim they are standing for a traditional belief system when they are just bat-shit crazy against reasonableness....

I am focused on my personal kit--the items i carry with me, wear, and can use anyplace---anytime to help me.  I always 
look for new material to attach to me or to carry in my messenger bag. I've become insane again for French Laguiole pocket knives. I've wanted one for is so cool that these knives are produced by hand--by only one village in France since the French revolution. It is the law that these knives can be produced nowhere else in France.   
This has become a quest for me to find my personal, perfect version of this French pocket knife. What i want is actually pictured above---it must be silver, with plain black horn slabs--and absolutely no corkscrew! The official pocket knife of french farmers--will work in my world nicely--part of the goal is that i can touch this knife in my pocket and day dream about being a french farmer when things get crazy.

Rides Again!
I went for my first Segway ride since late fall this morning--a nice cool Sunday--it was quiet out---I met a nice older lady walking her little dog she was just beside
herself over my Segway and knew all about it's technology and history--
-it was a very cool experience--I seem to meet and talk with allot of people
from the neighborhood when I'm on the Segway, way more than if i was walking--the Segway is a natural conversation starter and with my trainman, backward
personality I require something to start the conversational ball rolling.
plus when i ride the Seg I'm really not going anywhere in particular
(which in itself is an excellent mental break)---i just set off, so stopping and talking is very nice.
I haven't been able to 
ride much so far this spring since traveling lately has caused me to play catch up all weekend when I've been home---- so i 
intend on snapping that string of events and start riding every Sunday morning again---enjoying the ride and the conversations.

buy yourself a big, loud, comfy shirt and wear it around town----paint something, anything on your house----organize your closet---write emails to everyone you know just to touch base.

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