Saturday, May 16, 2009

I traveled this week--hated it---tremendously glad to be home---

The singular good thing that happens to me when i travel is that there can be forced time to think---when you are a slave to business travel there are those times when you can close out the world around you and concentrate on internal thoughts--in the hotel room of quiet desperation---the airport boarding can obtain
 a small amount of time for only your thoughts--- if you can manage to close off from the world around you to think. I thought a great deal on the direction my life is taking---what I needed to accomplish when I finally got home---on the nature of things in general---
i did much thinking on this last trip---although there were no amazing break throughts for me i did  return with several new concepts on how i want to attempt to re-address issues I've been dealing with some recent ------some for my entire life---it is amazing how a shitty hotel room can force me to mentally take stock of myself----there is forced mental honesty somewhere in that shitty little hotel room-------all you have to do is find it.....

My current read is "SIMPLE PROSPERITY" by David Mann--an interesting book commenting on our national consumer culture and how it must change to something simpler and much more local in nature--containing examples from across the country and information on the impact that rabid consumerism in all its complexity has had on our society for example---
Mann on TV advertising just notes in passing that only 17% of the American public can name 3 
Supreme Court Justices---but 87% can name all of the 3 stooges.
This book is so far an excellent read and I recommend it but only to those folks who wish to find a different path through our current version of the world.
..this was my recent travel book--and i am about 1/2 way through---i have a couple of other books on standby 

Sit on your balcony-patio-or front stoop and simply sit---watch the world go by for a few minutes. Try not to think.... Read something on a subject that has never interested you to see if you have changed. When traveling leave a tip for the unseen housekeeping staff....

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