Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Each week that passes i find myself wondering, thinking and Philosophizing more and more
in the singular category i call---
What the Fuck are we doing?
Our society is now so out of bounds, so lacking in reality that it increasingly hard for me to find any solid ground to use as a thought baseline. We punish the poor and reward the rich...Our leadership is incompetent....we have no basic health care nor human support services other than what the individual can pay exorbitant fees for...meanwhile we shower money on the military and paranoid institutions like DHS while neglecting any possible chance of becoming a mature, thoughtful society as compared to a palace for the elite, built on force. I have to admit that there is now no way back or no way out...it is too late...we deserve our fate created of our own stupidity.

I just received the Italian and Hungarian military surplus shoulder bags mentioned in my previous blog.
It is snowing here this Saturday and today's project is to work on applying my everyday carry equipment to these bags and select one to try out Monday at work. On first inspection the Italian bag, although used, is still very serviceable and is the larger of the two as well as the more interesting. It will be the first I try to put to use. If things work out I will provide photo's of the bag(s) and the contents.....I also need to gear up for predicted snow and rain next week....of course this to me is fun. Strange eh?

We've been discussing for a long time the inclusion of chickens here at our 90'x120' urban homestead---however something new has arisen causing my wife, JoJo to begin research anew--the miniature cow....

About the size of a Mastiff dog, discovering these miniature cows has caused us to pause in the chicken research and switch to thinking of maybe owning a miniature milk cow for--- cheese--milk to trade and of course the all important natural compost....being city pukes we know nothing about cows no matter what their size--- but we are scouring sources to determine if a miniature cow is a possibility for us? They run about $2,000 and can live for up to 15 years....they are bred to feed on natural feed grass and therefore no supply of feed grain is demanded...I am sort of unsure at this point but am open to the concept---when societies fall owning a cow, no matter what size, is an incredible asset....I imagine the city would pull it's lip up over it's head tho---that is if they find out about it or until they fall apart and then it doesn't matter.

This week the Federal Reserve Bank traded US dollars to the European Bank in exchange for Euro's---Yes the same Euro currency that practically all sources advise is doomed.....and can fail within ten days from this posting.The British Government has advised their banks to prepare for disruption from the collapse of the Euro.

Our financial overlord geniuses did this to save their brother bankers overseas, even if it is for only a very short time...You see--the brotherhood of the 1% is the important thing---the continuation of wealth and power by any means necessary to those in their class, be they European or American--- nothing else matters to them----like royalty of old they are interconnected by breeding and class unfortunately the hemophilia thing did not pan out for them meanwhile John McCain in the US Senate is attempting to pass legislation allow for Military detention of American Citizens without application of protection of the law and Homeland Security announces that the "Lone Wolf Terrorist" in now the primary threat for the US, which of course equates to anyone who disagrees with any current US policy.
What we are seeing is random, fearful steps being taken attempting to protect the elite by any means necessary---every possible lifeline is being thrown in any possible direction...but only to each other within the elite class. The rest of us are on our own.....

As a final note, a law to allow for the slaughter of horses and allowing horse meat to be utilized for human consumption in the United States has passed....meanwhile we are laying off meat and health inspectors both local and federal---I am sure however that the Republican businessmen that pushed this law into effect will police themselves---what could possibly go wrong with this and why suddenly do they want us to be able to eat horse? Next comes Soylent Green----

If you command wisely, you'll be obeyed cheerfully.

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David Scott said...

It's scary to think about homeland security having the power they have now to that the McClain leslation into the mix. Makes you ask if we are heading toward a police state.

Great post