Wednesday, December 07, 2011

I stagger about trying desperately to make sense of the new normal, beset on all sides by spin doctors of the news, insane candidates for leadership positions, random shooters, and a complete lack of societal purpose. We apparently know not where to go. Paranoia strikes me deeply this week.

There is nothing out there for me to grasp onto...nothing intelligent or understandable left in this quagmire of self destruction we call America. The middle class is destroyed...our government is worthless..our financial systems more concerned with what happens in Europe than what happens outside their front doors...These are dangerous times--- The thought experiment i return to time and time again to find peace is our homestead. As the world outside is increasingly bizarre and confusing---I want organization and security within our walls and fences....I completely understand why third world houses have thick, blank walls facing the streets to protect the living within. There is no reason or viable life out there--so we must create art and life within our walls for there is nothing left for people like JoJo and I out there. Nothing of which we wish to be part of. There is only in here. This winter as we plan for the spring's gardens, create designs for adding chickens in the spring to the urban homestead...and work on water storage------ I find my thoughts reverting constantly to the fact that we must turn within more than we have, we must organize, create, plant, and secure ourselves here within the walls our homesteading outpost.
They are turning into Zombies out there.

Cowboys and Aliens was the DVD of this past week---this film could have been done very badly---but instead it is really enjoyable, well made and entertaining..No deep Science Fiction meanings in this film--- other than answering the question we have all thought at one time or another, "what would have happened if aliens tried to pull that probing shit on Cowboys in the old west"
Daniel Craig is excellent as the silent hero...surrounded by the usual cast of western movie town characters--- Preacher, barkeep, sheriff and Harrison Ford as the local cattle baron...Cowboys and Aliens is absolutely worth a wintertime, cover up on the couch with a hamburger, movie night.

Persons unknown recently sent a letter bombs to the director of the European Central Bank and the head of the Italian Tax collection agency. The news sources and commentary appear surprised? Am i the only person who considers this merely a cause and effect situation. Do Banks, Bankers, Governments and the Elite truly believe they are going to walk away from their purposeful destruction of complete societies unscathed?? Are these individuals and institutions so removed from actual existence that they believe no mob will come for them? History is filled with non-responsive ruling units being stood against the wall. Answering my own question it must be yes----yes, they think they are immune, can be the only explanation.

On 12/11 I go in for 5 & 1/2 hrs of work to finish my left arm with a black, tribal pattern from my elbow to wrist...the previous piece, on my upper arm was 3 hours and this piece will be more complex and will require greater mental discipline from me to get through. I know what to expect this time which should be an advantage. After completion of this piece I am going to pause before beginning work on my right arm. One piece on the right arm should complete my body biography, my don't fuck with me warning and my penance.

I got a chance to put all my surplus bargains to work this week in extreme cold, snow and ice...I stayed toasty warm and had zero problems...German sweater, French Parka, Italian shoulder bag---I was the international military bargain boy pleased with my equipment and the results of my plan.

Formula for success: rise early, work hard, strike oil.
J. Paul Getty

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David Scott said...

Aganin you nailed it Warren. Ever time I listen to the news with the exception of NPR it seems that they the elite are determined to suck the life out of the working middle class. NPR confirms what the other news organization are vague about.

Good luck on the Tattoo.