Thursday, December 15, 2011

Out of touch with the world this week---sick, retreating, sleeping....body and brain feeling like a rusted machine, grinding parts when required to move.....No excuses...I am physically sick and do feel overwhelmingly tired....hopefully I will bounce back this weekend.

With the conclusion of a year's debate we have decided to add chickens this spring to our urban homestead....eggs and compost are the desire, not meat....I am reading up on the how to aspects of this project and planning the coop and fencing for an area..This will be an interesting new endeavor for us---taking the homestead and our independence to a new level. Neither JoJo nor I have a background dealing with animals like this so it should be interesting...sort of like a Rocky Balboa keeps chickens kinda thing....we're going to try it no matter what this spring.....

We are all the resistance...every one of us is a possible solider in the fight to change the death spiral that our society is in. The question is what can I as an individual do to change anything? What can I do, when i cannot or am unable to man the barricades against corporate greed and governmental corruption in a formal way?

Daily life provides the weapons to be used against the elites and their lapdogs...To assist in the resistance against the machine you need to change your protocols and thought patterns....a small list of possible actions-----requiring little or no change to daily life but a hit against the powers destroying our class and pushing us to third world slavery...........

Pull your funds from corporate banks and place them in locally owned banks or credit unions.
This takes a day to accomplish and is made as tough as possible by the corporate banks but withholding your funds from them is a rewarding small blow to their machine.
Keep cash on hand
There was a reason grandma kept cash in her mattress---she'd been through the last attempted elite and banker take over in the 1930's---no cash is a way to control society...keep cash on hand to prevent them blackmailing you in the future.
Pay cash for everything
No corporate fee's on your local merchant or on you when you get rid of your credit cards for any purchase other than on the net. No possibility of facing the usury interest of the banking elite. Plus no transaction records.
Buy used
buy used whenever possible--I do this with my books, computing equipment, DVD's, vehicles----buying used if done correctly with the proper research makes your dollar go a longer distance...and prevents overspending. Buying quality used items recycles from those who are still lost in the consumer culture...and hits the corporate elite in the pocketbook....
Stop watching Television
The conduit to rot your brain--commercial television is brain washing, politically and economically---- pure and exists to reshape your opinions and make you purchase what you do not need.
Grow as much of your own food as possible
spoken of constantly here on my blog--grow your own food..cheaper, healthier, and protects you against corporate poisoning.
Stay out of debt as much as possible
This is the most difficult form of resistance--but stay out of debt when possible or close out debt as soon as possible..they use your own money against you! Give the elite as few tools against you as possible, the elites exist off the interest you give them.
Do not be active in the sham
Many will take exception to this but stay out of the theater of the absurd--don't fly, don't vote, don't do corporate fund raising holiday's like Christmas, don't believe them, don't support imperial wars, bicycle, walk, use less not be a part of supporting the elites.
Learn a post-collapse skill
Use the time we have left to learn a skill viable for the after the upcoming economic collapse--repairing, modifying hardware, blacksmithing anything valuable to a world which changed into one of reuse...and rescue.

Becoming your own independent human---free of corporate mesmerism---free of the resistance...In this manner we can all be fighters.

I am as frustrated with society as a pyromaniac
in a petrified forest.
A. Whitney Brown

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