Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I wake up hoping every morning that the news will contain something of value. I find the same stupidity....OWS is the only public entity of value i see and yet because they attempt to work within the system (at the moment) they accomplish nothing. We must go our own way as individuals...the group concept has failed for reasons known to us all----adapt to our 3rd world status....care for ourselves...resist.....innovate at home for your own life...create at home for your own life...grow your own food....give the least to the 1%. Starve them...

Can popular sentiment be ignored? Those in power have a history of simply not acknowledging what the people actually hold as valuable. Think of Nixon ignoring a hundred thousand marching against the war in VietNam....This ability of oppressive states and classes to ignore is why they are stood up against a wall, or guillotined with some frequency. How can bankers and traders in NY go to work every day with 2-10,000 people 3 short blocks away demanding their overthrow? Do the oppressors not think of that one spark---that one small step from waving a sign to taking justice in one's own hands? Does the 1% believe that they are forever safe? I understand that if on a daily basis I worked a short distance from a currently disgruntled pubic, which, at any moment, might become an angry public---I would at least consider my work actions and philosophy? Not these people....they have become so entrenched, so dishonest, so self righteous, so mentally secure in their feeding off the common man---that when the first rock strikes them---they will be dumbfounded.
The concept of... I do not care what the people want...or....what is right and correct for the public good... is a seeping, stinking wound that must be cauterized. A perfect example is the legalization of Marijuana---53% of the Public across all political and moral divides, want Marijuana legalized...they are tired of their children jailed for no reason..tired of the never ending expense...tired of the oppression...and just plain tired of being lied to. What will be done? NOTHING. Although we elect and pay them we have no say.....

There are material objects in existence that I find fascinating--seductive---and I wouldn't know what to really do with them if I could somehow purchase them. Objects I find compelling just to think about. The above displayed Watchmakers work bench is one of them.

Sprint is the latest corporate demon to pull a Netflicks stunt. We (as many did) received a notice from Sprint, our current mobile phone provider that overnight our contract changed...in the true spirit of corporate evil Sprint won't tell us what changes they made...(without a doubt it's cost). I am required to have a cell for work--trapped like a rat---and my recent contract is not done until Oct. 2012. I will be dropping my Sprint contact on midnight Oct. 1st 2012 and this is my plan. I will purchase the use by minute smart cards from Walmart---and it will be the lowest amount possible----I hardly use the damn thing--- Then purchase one of the below illustrated JOHN'S CELL PHONES as the operating system for the new cheapo, resistance phone card system.
JOHN'S CELL PHONE is a platform--well not for everyone to be sure...but perfect for me since I have systems in place to access the Internet for free and I hate voice mail etc....my only fear is that john's may not be able to survive a year, but if so then I will seek out one of their phones used...Corporate Resistance can take many forms---this abuse I will not stand the benefit is that--I am pushed to simplify by corporate greed...I'll find a way around them---I do not need them---Fuck em'

Security depends not so much upon how much you have, as upon how much you can do without.
Joseph Wood Krutch

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David Scott said...

Warren - As usual great post. - Will current activism toward Wall street be able to stand? That is the a big question. But, you can't help wonder when King Louie heard that the people were marching toward Bastile if he tought they would disperse when his army began crushing a few skulls and that would be it. - A word of advice you don't have to drop trowser to the ankle but just below the butt cheek to make your point. - Keep the faith.

Reba and I ae going no-contract with T-mobile as soon as our AT&T contract is up. We will use our Iphones unlocked with T-Mobile simm cards. Cost is significantly less for us.