Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I find our Corporate Government as amazing as the electrical system in Mogadishu.
It revels in and supports the revolution and death of Gaddafi.

Let's see---
40 year reign of disregarding the condition of the people ?--check.
Varying unsuccessful personal wars draining treasury ?---check.
Huge unemployment ?---check.
Complete lack of a viable future for citizens ?---check.
International Corporations run economy ?----check.
Power and wealth in the hands of 1% of the population
who suck the ass of politician(s) ?-check.
Robbery of the national treasury
for personal use and comfort of the 1% ? ----check.
Just plain failure to do right ?---check

We are a stupid ignorant society--- members of which accept the pap fed to them posing as position. Our leaders wax poetic over the Arab Spring---to be regretted.

We camped in the Capitan's this week--which is about 60 miles of very,very uphill from our Roswell homestead..

It was perfect weather, New Mexico stars and clusters visible at altitude and huge deer grazing. The VW Eurovan Camper performed flawlessly..our only beef was that the Rio Bonito, upon whose banks we camped was dry as a bone...(no climate change to see here, move along-----) living in the desert makes you yearn for water so that massively sucked....all our self supporting necessary systems worked very well---there is of course a great deal of tinkering we need to do with our processes---how to do things efficiently in a small space where there are two of us and two neurotic organization is/will be a key factor next time.

I was so proud of my JoJo--she took to eating MRE's like a hungry Ranger...turns out she loves them and is as i write this searching the internet for more varieties...

We learned that we need another pad for the main fold out bed, and REAL pillows for a true night's sleep--both of these failures were mine---I got into the young me mindset of "just throw yourself down and sleep" like i used to do when just taking the rucksack off was such a break---Uh--not at all applicable for the current Geezer me condition....although I am still the same 18 year old asshole on the inside...the outside requires some additional coddling now...

We set up in a campground that is going out of business due to the depression---excellent for our stand alone camp test but sort of a "The Road" kinda thing.
...i was considering how many of these types of campground/RV bankrupted places that will soon exist and make outstanding city and rural campsites to squat in if you have your shit together---the area we stayed in was apparently dying from lack of Texas tourists they had depended on for money...everything had a for sale sign on it---So actual, action, pictures for once..this will probably be the one trip until next spring--getting cold in the mountains and snow there spring and summer beckon tho........

I repurposed ( several items today. I cleaned, trimmed and edged a large mat...that had been partially destroyed by the neighbor's Mastiff--(a story in itself) JoJo had the idea that the Mat was still partially usable especially for when we are camping with the VW bus as a step mat to the interior ...I have to work on this"damaged goods" concept because of my OCD---an item is either perfect or gone---there has been nothing between these two poles for me--The reconstruction actually worked well---I'm not so sure of the black duct tape edging I attempted...but if that fails I will try to heat seal the trimmed edge with the trusty cigarette lighter. My wife also found an old Northface backpack in storage I haven't seen in 5-6 years. After a good cleaning and repairing of various straps and ties it is ready to go as my "new" EDC pack for work. It is somewhat of a first for me that i find repurposing & Repairing is good exercise for the mind and liberating for the soul. But nothing half-assed.

Written during an old guy sleepless night---When I seemingly will never have to sleep again---on this night or any other-----you think, you remember, you appreciate, you plan, you hope, you express love and you are afraid.
Back to work next week.

"Being in a majority can mean that all the fools
are on one side."
(from a sign at our local salvation army h.q.)

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