Saturday, October 22, 2011

The world is corrupt and you must learn how to operate in it.
Steal from only the rich and use their weakness against them
Protecting the weak is a duty
Never speak your true thoughts to strangers at work
Proven friends are valuable
Keep home and work separate
Treat serious men with respect
Consider Justice a gift but require a service in return
Never meet with anyone on their ground
If unlucky accidents occur blame someone in the room
Not being careless should be a habit, women and children
can be careless but not men
Whoever comes to you requesting a meeting is a traitor

The design of pre/post WW2 Russian and Italian military diver watches are fascinating to me. We Americans did not contribute much to this bizarre little area of interest to me.

This was an age of Hard Hat diving and the beginning of the concept of water and pressure proofing instruments to work in this environment.

The first diving wristwatches had an extremely large (60mm) case diameter and numeral system so as to be visible through the glass plate of the hard diving helmet especially in the murk stirred by the work required primarily on the ocean floor. The large Case size was further required at that time in the designing, manufacturing and repairing of the waterproofing systems used in the mechanical watch mechanism.

This particular time frame Russian and Italian Diver watch is still manufactured today, although hard to find in a realistic format and reasonable price of the few reasonably priced copies is the Invicta Russian diver displayed above. True Russian remakes are available, but the Russian's have learned the value of many of their better designed products (all from the good old revolutionary days) which now rival the pricing of any of the worlds best watches, therefore out of my league.
Even Invicta copies run the price gauntlet from $160.00 to $2000.00. A true watch Otaku will look at nothing other than a genuine Russian (and probably antique) divers watch for purchase consideration--not me--the concept provided by a remake remains true--and although the remakes are battery operated instead of mechanical, which i prefer, an Alfa Romero is beautiful to gaze upon and wondrous to own----
but maintaining it and commuting to work in it is a bitch.
I am hoping to purchase, a true to concept, low end Invicta soon and then if possible build my own mechanic version of a Russian Diver in the future if i can find the appropriate parts---why not? If a 1930's Russian peasant can be trained to build them why can't I?

The former Governor and his Russian Diver.

During my recent wandering at Military surplus stores of the net--I purchased the (pictured above) used, blue, German Naval Sweater in XL for my use against the coming New Mexico Winter---had to search for a military sweater in the new normal, American human XL sizing and finally found one. I also wear my military surplus to work on a daily basis, enhancing, i am sure my career pathing...--- when ordering the sweater, I ordered the below illustrated hat for MY WIFE...
My JoJo said "Let's make a list shall we of all the men in the US who have bought their wife this particular hat?"
It must be understood that I am so lucky in that my wife is as uniquely deranged as I am in so many ways--which is why we do so well in our lives together. She appreciates, lets say, being outside the norm in day to day styling--agreeing with the designed for utility clothing concept--not that she couldn't dance with the Governor if she wanted to....but a parka, goggles, Japanese gardening tool, and small backpack for working around the homestead can and usually is the norm, kinda close to the cat lady thing... she appreciates a warm hat and if it is a weird's even better---the greatest thing about surplus styling is that walking about in public--nobody fucks with us--- I love my wife truly.

The world needs anger. The world often continues to allow evil because it isn't angry enough.
Bede Jarrett


David Scott said...

I have dallied with the ideal of buying a Invicta Diving but the size tends to intimidate me.

Werid is good. Walking to the beat of a different drummer is good.

At our age we have earned the right to dress, eat , read, listen, and speak our minds and F#@% any one who doesn't like it.

Live free brother.

froley said...

David i always enjoy and am enlightened by your comments, thanks so much for reading..

froley said...

I am always enlightened by your comments and so thankful you take the time to read my stuff...
live free is right