Friday, September 09, 2011

Independence, homesteading work, and ignoring the crumbling society around us are the orders of the day.......No Gods, No Masters. Laugh at them.

Subversive urban camping, now this i like.....I sort of fell into this concept while doing research on how we could underground camp, in the VW camper, in an urban environment. There are those hidden, beautiful spots we have all encountered in any city---where I have wound up thinking how nice it would be to be able to stay there for a couple of days....while in the process of research I found that there is much information on urban camping and not just underground campers but campers who focus on areas of a city but the busiest......I am continuing reading on this practice.....

Nasa is pretty much done for, edging quietly to that good death with no one noticing....I can't say I'm sad about it---the entire space program was built to display which cold war government in the world had the biggest penis, and provided zero results for our culture. People always respond to this statement with speeches about how science was advanced etc...well science would/could have advanced remarkably, if the money spent on the space program was invested in good, solid, research...instead of putting jock test pilots on the moon. Good riddance.

Suddenly on the anniversary of 9-11 there is a threat? The head of DHS only last week was saying there were no credible threats? I imagine that another bunch of poor retards, who couldn't plot their way to the latrine, without an FBI informant leading the way, will wind up being arrested---amongst much hero hoopla.

Currently reading "The Art of not being Governed" by James C. Scott. An interesting analysis of why hill people, forest people, swamp people--well you know---are not barbarians but rather simply chose not to be governed by the low land culture centers...that often the cultural center's people escape to the hills fleeing government....that the outlander groups are often not natural...the book focuses on SE Asia for examples but the process and interpretations are viable anywhere...absolutely not for everyone---my JoJo makes the ugh! face when I speak of how good it is......

Rented STAKE LAND this week. Bear in mind that this was not a high budget film but---i think it was excellent. The usual Zombie/vampire (you're never really sure what these things are) plot line with survivors on a road trip---there's no faking in this movie however and the way humans have banded up in differing ways to survive is interesting in itself---this is a rental for sure, but if you like these kinds of movies, as I do---there's nothing better than STAKE LAND and pizza for an evening.
John Burroughs has stated that experimental study of animals in captivity is absolutely useless. Their character, their habits, their appetites undergo a complete transformation when torn from their soil in field and forest. With human nature caged in a narrow space, whipped daily into submission, how can we speak of its potentialities?

Emma Goldman, "What is Anarchy?"

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David Scott said...

my Reba indulges me in my rants as well. But she also anchors me. So it is a good thing.

If anything ever happen to her though I doubt if I would ever settle down again. Most likely a mobile lifestyle for me.