Friday, September 16, 2011

Weeks have become confusing now---I have to stop reading the news---too many talking heads. Too much opinion and spin passing as news---just too much. I have begun to despise us.

Living wages
Health care for all
Marriage for all
Women's Right to Choose
Legalization of Marijuana
High Speed Trains
Adequate Housing
Intelligent and Productive School Systems
Retirement and Honor for Elders
A Clean Environment
Wholesome food safe from Poisons
Separation of Church and State
Why not?
Because our leaders are corrupt
Our society is stupid

The VW Eurovan Camper's paperwork is done--returned and it's paid for. Awaiting auto-transporting to us here at home--meanwhile I have been collating camping gear and purchasing the odd accessory item like the magnetically attached sunshade below for use on the side door area of the camper since ours does not have an awning as the one pictured above has---we're hoping it arrives here before it gets too cold for the first camping expedition. No matter since we are deliriously happy about our van.
Purchased two of those small items that have meaning to me as i wander along---the first is the above T-shirt another obscure password------------do you know what it refers to?

The second is the above $24.00 watch I found trolling the sale aisle in Amazon---I'm going to add a watchband compass and enjoy it...there is something so cool about both cheap and styling...the instructions came only in Spanish??

The food storage shed is all organized and winterized now as well as anti-moused--just in case. With a turn for the better in the weather some plants we thought were done for because of the heat and drought are starting to produce? Amazing--- We gave away a ton of perfect, huge---Desert Sun yellow watermelons----as always it feels excellent to give something like this to people who do not have............
We are prepping for the fall and winter....this months food to storage I found new types of end of the world meals on Amazon---tuna with pasta and pepper beef---the tuna with pasta comes in a case of 6 and the beef pepper meals come individually, i obtained 3----both have that unlimited shelf life circumstance as long as they are kept from extreme heat in storage--the beef pepper meals also have their own heater---even tho these meals are not military---sort of science fiction like---I am going to have to try one this month for testing and will advise on it----

"All government in essence," says Emerson, "is tyranny." It matters not whether it is government by divine right or majority rule. In every instance its aim is the absolute subordination of the individual.

Emma Goldman, "What is Anarchy?"

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David Scott said...

Your points on changes that are needed are basic common sense and decency. which means it will probaly not within the politicians ablity to comprend.

Congrads on the van. Live for today living for tomorrow never comes to any good.