Monday, February 18, 2013

A Lemma

A week of not-baddom, if that makes sense. A long weekend and a short week next week--so a double down of the goodness of less work.
Work towards spring planting has started at the homestead--We've both been very creative lately in different directions---JoJo with plant life and me--well me in my inventive bathrobe, doing small, watchmaking type projects--

We have however become addicted to Game of Thrones..late as is our protocol. We are in the process of watching 2 seasons worth on DVD.  The Wolves and the Wall are my favorites.

Robot and Frank--an excellent, independent film about an old, retired, 2nd story man and a robot purchased for him by his lawyer son to take care of him in his old age.. was our latest DVD and pizza night feature. What a hoot! 

I'm currently reading  The Terror by Dan Simmons. It is simply outstanding and tremendously difficult to put down. Sort of a John Carpenter's the thing, set in 1848. I am half way through and cannot help but hope the ending will be as good as the body of this novel. Regardless of the ending however, the book is so, so good that I am going to recommend prior to finishing.....pick up a copy of The Terror---you won't regret it.

As i prepare myself and my personal equipment for a return to work tomorrow. I discover this belt on the net. Way to expensive for a 99%er like myself but it is the concept i enjoy. I have seen these hidden compartment belts before but think now that i might pursue one for possible purchase if i can locate one at a reasonable price----interesting.

As i sit here with my morning coffee and cigarette--I want to be just like this 102 year old--who only just quit smoking--cause her relatives--think she might burn the house down.. 

Then of course there was the Asteroid strike above Russia..
nothing to see here citizen, move along. 

When the world is tough enough to make the Pope quit...why do i think i stand a chance at it? 

"It is no measure of health to be well
adjusted to a profoundly sick society."
Jiddu Krishnamurti

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David Scott said...

Sometimes Warren you just have to treat yourself - enjoy the belt. At least you don't live in Texas