Saturday, January 26, 2013

Alexander's Horned Sphere

A decent week--with high temperatures and dry, dry weather for any winter i have known...worried about the upcoming summer-- a worse drought for sure i believe is in store for New Mexico. A weekend of small, but personally necessary tasks.

We ordered new plants and tree's for the homestead---Strawberry bushes, tobacco plants and olive trees. I've really wanted us to try growing a Olive tree for quite some time--Olives, of course, can provide both fruit and oil towards home independence, as well as an accessory that can make plain survival type meals palatable. Strawberries speak for themselves as a treat and trade material. Both of these items we are going to try to work out of our greenhouse..and see if we can get them to produce for us...

Tobacco plants will be another first for us this year. We want to attempt to grow, cure, and process our own tobacco--the final step in freeing ourselves from tax and price oppression when it comes to cigarettes. These three items are all new to us and we are dealing with a complete unknown---

We are reveling in a Shameless marathon this weekend--renting all of the first season...a great show that groups who believe themselves to be Mothers for Jesus, or some such shit, must consider to be evidence of the downfall of our civilization---Shameless is intelligent, human and somehow awfully real..did i mention hysterically funny---if your skin is not too thin, or your mind too closed off---you'll love Shameless. 

My friend David asked via the comment section where i got my copy of Will Smith's bag i wrote of in the last blog---Amazon. The bag is in and it is excellent---as long as the laptop you carry is not bigger than a netbook--great bag---- really enjoying it. 

I followed through finally on an easy acquisition. A cheap, red, laser pointer.  Not for retarded PowerPoint use at meetings--for blinding surveillance cameras--a laser directed onto the lens "Blooms" the picture...blinding it....weighs nothing and could be the item that saves my ass someday. 

"A man who carries a cat by the tail
learns something he can learn in no other way."
Mark Twain

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David Scott said...

1- thanks for the info on the bag
2- "Shamless" a guilty pleasure
3- heard a while back that they have started to grow olive trees in England thanks for the environmental warmup
4- when I was a kid I was farmed out to family in Kentucky to help plant and tend to their Tobacco plants they are really sensitive and delicate plants. So good luck
5- the history channel had a show on how,to drop off the grid, in short get lost. One suggestion was wear one of those caps with the led lights on the mounted on the bill