Sunday, January 20, 2013

Parrondo's Paradox

A reasonable week at work just passed. Reasonable weeks at work are in my experience, rare. A circumstance to be appreciated and i am trying to do so. 

I do believe that the Governmental Psychotic behavior on the economy is being radiated out and infecting the populace...It seems as if surrounding humans, even if they are of the non-informed, honey-boo-boo variety, are awaiting the manner that a gazelle will look up from grazing, scanning the area, just as the lion makes the death leap towards it. 

The one interesting fact i acquired this week is that my people, the Irish, are included in the 12 known societies that are/were serious headhunters.  This fact, although probably known by many, had somehow escaped me...not only does this explain much to me about my relatives...makes much sense in so many ways...but is suddenly quite the subject of pride on my part............

I want to scream from the roof-tops---FOUND IT----the EDC bag carried by Will Smith in the film, I am Legend. On sale no less and now in route to me. I've been desiring this bag for years now..but it was always either i was not sure of the accuracy of the product or it was waaaay too expensive. At last i found it and at a reasonable price. I can barely wait for it to come in. I am going to strap it on and say-----
"I was saving that bacon".

I have my very own, totally accurate, Jayne Cobb, Blue Sun, T-shirt in route.  

Stock photo's but excellent representations of my two reel to reel player recorders....fascinated by them i am---and enjoy the quality of music they provide.....I've seen a woman's t-shirt for sale on the web, it displays a large print of an audio cassette with a small caption that says--"if you know what this is, you are too old to date me."  

A province of assholes in India has a new jerk game they play which they call elephant taunting---when elephants are sighted peacefully passing through their territory---hundreds of these assholes run to out intercept them and actually enrage the elephants--causing them much distress, which these local turds think is funny. I hope everyone of these fuckers gets squashed like a bug...what a virus we humans are... 

Hard to believe, but yet maybe not. A scientist is convinced that we can clone a Neanderthal and bring it to term in a modern female---they are searching for a willing female? 
Now it's hard to imagine a woman leaping on either of the two accurate Neanderthal physical examples posted here---but they marry serial killers in prison on death row--so i am sure there will be an excess of female applicants---I hope they realize that Neanderthal women had larger birth canals to handle the much larger Neanderthal baby skull---oops, that part might be tough---like trying to pass a bowling ball through a keyhole---but hey sis, you might get your own reality TV show out of it?

"Apparently, a democracy is a place where
numerous elections are held at great
cost without issues and with'
interchangeable candidates."

Gore Vidal

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David Scott said...

Warren I have to ask where did you find the bag?

The other thing of course is self-evident a savage is the other guy who you just don't understand. My people took scalps your took heads. Six of one and a half a dozen of the other.