Saturday, January 05, 2013

Stirling's formula

Where am i and what am i doing seemed to be the questions of the week?
One of those lost weeks that passed in the zone of frustration. Little accomplished. Little learned. Perhaps I have become a microcosm of our society--little accomplished, little learned every fucking day. 

The PR spin lately is on the improving economy--yet all i see in any abandoned lot or K-Mart parking area (which are pretty much the same thing) is shit for sale---cars, trucks,RV's, motorcycles, ATV's...there is a ton of shit for sale anywhere it can be parked---people trying to unload items that they can no longer afford--and it is as if the seller knows they will never be able to afford them again---these items sit in desperation for weeks at a time..

Our government appears to be modeled after Carl in the Walking Dead. Always wandering away, not doing what it is supposed to be doing, and getting others killed............

I have come to the conclusion that i despise winter. I have already had enough of the darkness, the struggling to stay warm all day long, and let's face it the depression that comes with this season. I understand why, in the middle ages, villagers spent the entire winter in bed--they stunk i'm sure--but still to me, a viable option. 

We are four months into the protocol of making our own cigarettes---and still at it---the only downside is that smoking while driving tends to burnt nads...the lit tips of homemade cigarettes are way, way, way fragile compared to store bought smokes--the brightly burning tips seem to especially enjoy dropping off while i am driving and unerringly, like a smart missile, hit me right in the nads, causing a moment of insane weaving--with me beating myself about the crotch---i am sure the occupants of passing vehicles must be thinking WTF or are desperately dialing 911 to report a lunatic driver....I guess tho that the savings overrides burnt nads---especially at my age.........

The refusal of gun control by Americans is based on one simple fact that none will honestly address-----Americans fear their Governments-----and the government's corporate overlords

No amount of wailing, cajoling, threatening, or pleading will suddenly dissolve this fear and turn America into a gun-less society. In 3rd world countries--the rule of law is based on he who has the gun rules. Deep down inside American's recognize that we are 3rd world....the psycho-babble discussions surrounding gun control are needless,useless and will change nothing.

Outstanding, excellent, incredible--I just loved LOOPER--a must see for the SF fan. A film that reinstated hope for me, that intelligent-understandable SF films are not dead---their world of 2033, after the "vagrant wars" created in the film was very, very believable...and based on the 1% vs. the 99%...such a  good film that you can forget to eat your pizza while viewing it!

"We have now sunk to a depth at which,
restatement of the obvious
is the first duty of intelligent men."
George Orwell

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David Scott said...

Warren - I was listening to the radio and it was dejavu all over again. - when we are told that the growth of jobs and the economy is dependent on our purchasing power. - when are we going to realize that there are only so many washers and big screen TV s we can buy before the market is saturated. - I'm still using the refrigerator I bought new in 1994.