Sunday, December 30, 2012

Franklin Magic Square

Auspicious New Year to everyone...

The new year for us is a moment of planning, review, and consideration. What we accomplished in the year past, and what we hope to accomplish in the coming year---both personally and for the homestead---A new wind generator is on the list for 2013 especially since the new solar panels are up and running--continuing on the retirement budget for the next year is also a must--even tho i am still working----With the coming of the new year any survivalist/prepper wonders, will this be the year?  Will it, what ever it may be, happen this year? Am I ready?  We urban homestead as a life style, We resist overt capitalism daily, We strive to live unaffected by the strangeness of our surroundings consistently---none of which is based on fear of an event of some kind---we do what we do because independence, as best we can make it happen,  is the correct way of life, not from fear of some unknown approaching incident. 

The next Riddick film is a supposed go for release in 2013 ? 
I have had such poor results in anticipating the release of upcoming SF films lately that my spirit has been downtrodden to expect zero results..perhaps the new Riddick film will change this?

Resident Evil Retribution = Sucked.....what a piece of crap. Stay as far away from this film as possible........

I've begun expanding my personal music appreciation by purchasing used jazz cassette tapes from Amazon. Costing an average of $2.50 apiece I've entered the world of Miles Davis, Stan Getz, Thelonious Monk, and Dave Brubeck. I now combine my tape recorder collection with used jazz tapes and it is interesting that this style of music really does sound better off of tape....warmer....closer. I had never previously found jazz interesting---but as one ages of course one's tastes change---and perhaps i have become more open to new things. The low price of pre-recorded audio cassettes now makes collecting Jazz easy....Consumer products that are in the process of becoming extinct produce excellent bargains at the right moment..........

Just what the fuck can anyone say about the state that we are in? There is nothing that can describe the incompetence of all American elected officials, Department Secretaries or any "professional" politician or government bureaucrat in the recent dealings with the Fiscal Cliff. I expect nothing--we are---- simply----fucked. Now or later, it does not matter.

While attention is on the Fiscal Cliff problem, Congress passed a 5 year extension to the warrant-less wiretap Bush law on phones, mobile phones, email, pretty much anything, which can be put into effect against a citizen by simply claiming the purpose is counter terrorism--it goes to Obama's desk this coming month and without a doubt he will sign it---they want to know and keep track of what you are doing, saying and thinking and we are letting them--without a fight. 

"An intelligent man is sometimes forced to
be drunk to spend time with fools."
Ernest Hemingway

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David Scott said...

Warren - here at the homestead (our rent house) we too are thinking of the changes coming. - but I am thinking the best plan may be to set the seat of my pants on fire and run around in circles crying fire - much like congress does.

Good fortune is,the result of hard work and preparation