Saturday, December 01, 2012

Euler's Number e

A very quiet week...incredibly boring at work----mentally I do much, much better with boring as compared with the workplace being actively stupid. So my mental state has been good lately---I have been attempting to balance getting things done with time for myself and it is difficult---but an ongoing project. Personal and home organizing goes on. 

The world is full of shattering incidents and events but we have become immune and bored to each new weekly danger. 

No complaints this week

There is nothing in the news to report on because.......................

Instantly after the Presidential election--people, concepts, problems which were all reported on as being a state of life or death--just disappear. Romney is an excellent example. For sure, i was tired of seeing/hearing about him, but--- push the lose button and suddenly a man, who some reported on as the savior of the country--is bound for the public relations gulag. Never to return. The entire system is an oxymoron. 

Our much loved, Eurovan camper has a transmission fluid leak. In olden days i would have just checked the fluid level and added more as necessary. In today's world there is no way for a consumer to check the transmission fluid levels---this is done by a VW computer at the dealer. So we are going to have to take it to the nearest VW dealer which is several hours drive away, leave it to have the transmission checked and repaired as necessary.
We surely love our camper and attempt to maintain it as perfectly as possible. This is just part of having excellent, but used, vehicles. You may not have a car payment--but things do go wrong and must be fixed. No matter tho---the cost for repair can never equal the capitalistic chains of a payment. 

What's the most common question on the Walking Dead?

Yassar Arafat is the only human who will look better after being buried for 10 years and dug up, than he looked when he was alive and walking around....

Our most recent pizza and DVD night featured the film LAWLESS. It was excellent, just excellent. A true story of 3 bootlegging brothers in the 1930's. Outstanding acting, perfectly filmed and a plot that will for sure keep you focused. This film did not seem to receive much PR and must have slipped through the cracks. During the credits they show actual photo's of the main characters-----an amazing story. I cannot recommend this movie enough. Be warned however that parts of it are realistically violent. 

"If you're going through hell, keep going!"
Winston Churchill

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David Scott said...

Warren - double check your area that there is not an authorized warranty mechanic that can service your VW. - I use to drive old Saabs and the mechanic I used was a factory certified mechanic who did the warranty work for Saab as the nearest Saab dealer was 50 miles away. In Dallas.- stay frosty my brother