Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Ishango Bone

With a burglary-homicide 5 blocks from my house and the Connecticut school
murders this week--we do not need to fear the Mayan Apocalypse---our sick fucking society will do ourselves in. We kill our own children routinely now---how can a society that in which this occurs survive? We have no answers only shock, dismay and sorrow combined with a feeling that this is all coming to an end someday. 

The Power Brokers continue to fiddle while we burn.

40 years ago this past week, was the last time humans walked on the Moon--right now we have only 3 people in space at the low orbit ISS---seems like quite a fail in the long run NASA....

I have a new community service project in progress and due to
this project it has been difficult to keep up with the laptop.
I do not expect this difficulty to continue for a long period of time---but there may be shorter blogs, and more time between postings for a time period.  
No worries eh...........

I usually have 3 notebooks with me at work---on days off--1 for sure. I note almost everything--ideas, thoughts, interesting words, sometimes phrases people use--books i want to read or movies i want to watch-----
I cannot exist without them. There is a box full of filled pocket moleskinne notebooks in my storage closet. This note keeping helps me on a day to day basis keep track of not only the world around me--but keeps me on targeted and focused....I've been thinking of timing daily requirements/protocols  with my chronographs.....i know---right now you are thinking rain man---no problem.

I love tape recorders...cassette, reel to reel...all species. Tape is warm sounding and easier to manage compared to digital recording which interests me not at all. I have several reel to reel recorders and a full case of 8" blank tapes in storage...I have begun stockpiling cassette tape as well since Sony announced this week that it has ceased manufacturing the cassette Walkman.
What i am desiring tho is their ProII TCD5 portable stereo cassette player/recorder as shown below.

This recorder was the favorite of illegal tapers at well as at Grateful Dead performances...where tapers were welcome and have provided much of the Dead's  "From the Vault"  Cd's ...

These are, of course, incredibly hard to find, almost anything i desire usually is. I never desire the standard things in this world that others do. I have found one on Amazon for actually, a decent price used, I am standing by until i can purchase it. Needful things---how I love them and despise myself for desiring them all at the same time....

The pizza and DVD this week was the Bourne Legacy--I'll tell ya i loved this. Excellent trade craft, good script and on par with the rest of the  Bourne series in excellent hand to hand sequences....if you heard something bad about this movie--disregard those cretins---The Bourne Legacy is excellent.
Rent it, Watch it, eat pizza.

"The most dangerous creation of any society is
 the man who has nothing to lose."
James A. Baldwin

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David Scott said...

Warren- going thru some of the old life happens as you make your plans. Like you implicated you just have to muddle through. - "Bourne Legacy" is indeed a great film. I like what he said to the wolf "why didn't you just leave me alone." - my favorite Moleskin is a reporter style grid lined. My biggest problem is finding a good pen or pencil to use on. My favorite writing instrument is a fine line sharpie which bleeds thru.