Saturday, September 29, 2007

a relatively short blog this week. There has been no time for deep thoughts. Interference, such as my life has been filled with this week, by the surrounding world is one of the reasons why i do not can you force yourself to think or not think? in actuality the world around you controls your thinking situtation one way or another. WE do not really have a choice----if i were to sit down and meditate on a problem, or a social trend and I have to be at work in ten minutes or the doorbell or the phone rings&rings&rings---what happens? I'll tell you what happens---my brain blows up! You cannot fit deep thinking into daily life unless the surrounding world permits it, and it does not permit it often....I would like to observe buddist monks reaching nirvana while trying to hold down a job or have kids or face telemarketers!!! it just does not work that way. Things are shallow here in my brain pan this week and i point the finger at work as the cause---If i could wander about with a begging bowl this entry would be filled with deep thoughts and commentary---but then again i'd be shit outa luck where owning a laptop would be concerned....What i really need is one of those MacArthur foundation genius grants. The MacArthur foundation choses 26 people and gives each of them half a million dollars, with no strings attached, to support themselves over two years just so they can think big thoughts (the foundation does this every year by the way)..... cutting to the chase on why i would probably not qualify for a MacArthur genius grant is displayed by the following conversation i had with my wife last night, during a big-big new mexico rainstorm which caused an enormous toad to be hopping around our patio..this hopping toad had one of my little boston terrier dogs following and sniffing it..
me: dog don't chase that toad
wife: he won't do anything
me: it's dangerous some of them have poisonous skins
wife: uh? that's only in the amazon jungle
me: oh-yeah--uhmmm--right.....
This is a vicious circle--in order to get a MacArthur foundation genius grant you have to have had the time to think big thoughts to become a genius in the first place...otherwise you make these kind of conversational mistakes that insure you'll never get the grant!!!

next week i am traveling on again there will probably be a lack of deep thoughts for the site. Business travel by aircraft now allows for the same quality of thought as a bus ride through Bluchaluchastan....hard to think with some strangers butt in your big thoughts are and will be lacking for alittle while here....

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