Thursday, September 06, 2007

I just purchased used via amazon my next two necessary copies of the last exile number's 6&7. My wife rented me a copy of Afro Samurai! (You really know your wife loves you when she will rent something called afro samurai for you!!) just to see if i might like it..even tho other people have provided the "you'd really like it" personal review--- Aime is a completely unique art form for me to digest and i really have to think & evaluate before i just leap into a series. I'll let you know about Afro Samurai. It is a strange thing to discover a totally new visual,art form at 55 and enjoy it (although some i am sure would look askance at this)...I primarily watch anime on my dell xps 1210 laptop, the display is perfect for animation...
I do have to tell you about a full length, computer generated,actor motion capture--simulated thing-type, 2006 French science fiction film called Renaissance from director Christian Volckman.
This is absolutely beyond cool. A French full length anime film(of a sort). Renaissance is actually a tremendous film on it's on merit. Done in the colors of black and white only,no shading, with stunning artwork depicting Paris in excellent plot, cool weapons futuristic citroen cars, tough's really worth a rental, it's out on dvd and probably hiding as a single disc somewhere at your favorite video store. I have to break down, find and order this dvd used for my's that good.
I am so pleased—I acquired via e-bay a Sony ux-50 clamshell personal data entertainment thingee(?). As I’ve described in previous blogs this pda/ultra small laptop(?) can do emailing and Internet usage in the absolute smallest possible package. My plan is to construct a complete blog entry on this clamshell pda as an experiment. I am intrigued by the possibility of being able to thumb keyboard—email text messages---and as sony claims watch movies-video by using a memorystick. All this in through a object that can sit on the palm of your hand..The idea of communication such as this while in motion fascinates me. It’s not that I am trying to micro-size myself but I truly enjoy the concept of having a full Internet/email access kit on me at any given moment----having the world, the ability to communicate anywhere-anytime, when i want to, is a thing that still leaves me awestruck. This thought experiment may of course, all be for naught since I am awaiting the arrival of the item and have no true idea of it’s abilities or if i can work it until I get my hands and head involved with the actual physical item. Texting—thumbing—emailing while in motion from a small platform is the system that the majority of the world uses now for communication. I want to learn it.....Bizarre that this activity on a cellphone holds zero interest for me. The device must be laptop like in design to hold my interest. Probably because the form reminds me of a book, and books to me have always meant information, knowledge, and were/are important tools.
I also did geek housekeeping. I trolled my computers deleting old book marked websites to which I no longer travel. Reorganized my favorites under new headings. Deleted some locations no longer applicable to my current experiments and just did computer housekeeping. Changed desktop backgrounds, hunted new sites. I still have a ton of stuff to do towards my laptops I somehow never get around to completing. I am also planning on putting together some type of centralized location at the house to recharge my laptops in a central location.
in everyday things:
Just a couple of items that caught my brain's attention over the last week--first these beautiful homes/apartments in Holland designed to float with increases and decreases in sea level due to gobal warming...I've always admired the dutch as a society--logical, compassionate,forward thinking--everything we're not--too bad we as a nation cannot combine technology, art, design and alittle thought power to our personal most excellent, Riddick like sunglasses at what appears to be the worlds most reasonable prices---Bobster sunglasses--i found these by accident on the web,Bobster produces a variety of styles but these really caught my eye (sorry unintentional pun there)--in fact after finishing this blog i am on my way to their site to buy a pair.I can't wait to combine wearing these rascally sunglasses with my teraplanna shoes and really disturb the local populace.

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